Take time to chase snowflakes #2

Take time to chase snowflakes #2

 [BBC Worldwide]
Live Web Camera
Some Polar Bear Facts

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Sweeping away 4 months of darkness
  • A polar bear
  • She has been in her den the whole winter
  • Mark the beginning of Spring
  • Confinement underground
  • To clean her fur
  • For sheer joy
  • Her cubs gaze out
  • Steep slope
  • Take your first steps
  • Eager to reach their mother
  • Deaf and blind beneath the snow
  • Some two months ago
  • She has not eaten for five months
  • It starts to melt the sea ice
  • She hunts for the seals
  • Before the ice breaks up
  • It is still -30 degrees

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