Some people’s lives are entirely their own creations. James Rebanks’ isn’t. The first son of a shepherd, who was the first son of a shepherd himself, he and his family have lived and worked in and around the Lake District for generations.
In evocative and lucid prose, James Rebanks takes us through a shepherd’s year, offering a unique account of the rural life and fundamental connection with the land that most of us have lost.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• A shepherd is nothing without his sheepdogs
• My work is only possible because of them
• Gather fields
• Dog and stick farming
• Old fashion way of farming
• I wanted to tell everybody about it
• Historically significant
• We’re a family farm
• Loving every moment of it
• He was free, he was independent, he was proud
• Loved every moment of it
• However big or small
• My book is an attempt to share that world and explain it
• A deep sense of belonging
• They’re shaped by the landscape
• We are proud of what we are
• Try and keep it going in the future




It’s incredibly vibrant

It’s incredibly vibrant

[Visit London]


Explore London’s Autumn Season where heritage and tradition go hand in hand with cutting-edge design, world-class festivals and top performers. Discover hidden gems, great masters and new theatre shows.      Read more HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• London is such a unique place to visit

• It’s just incredibly vibrant

• So many cultures and people come together

• On the day you arrive

• You could never possible get bored

• It is filled with the color and ritual

• There is so much going on

• They are absolutely brilliant

• It’s in its 25th year

• You cannot imagine how powerful this is unless you have attended it

• The past and the present living together in the same space

• All the cultural institutions opening their doors

• The fusion of food, art, music and everything in between

• Whether its dance, whether its drama

• It’s a city that always smiles and always has something to give


I call it magic when I’m next to you

I call it magic when I’m next to you

Broken aces

Lyric Interpretations :

” Magic in its true sense is something which is not only beautiful but also cannot be explained. So he uses the word “Magic” for the love he feels for her.

Even though their relationship is now over and he is broken into two, his feelings for his beloved are not changed.

After all the torture he went through at the breaking point of their relationship, he still manages to love her and believes in her “Magic“.       Read more interpretations HERE

“It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light”

“It’s what you do in the dark, that puts you in the light”


[Under Armour]

“Michael Fred Phelps II is known principally as the most decorated Olympian of all time, with a total of 22 Olympic medals spanning over three Olympic Games. He has actually competed at four Olympics; however, he did not medal at his first Games in Sydney, Australia. He is recognized for his formidable butterfly, though he also specializes in individual medleys and the 100 and 200-meter freestyle.”   Read more @  Swimswam


“There are reasons why I swam every holiday, every Christmas, every birthday,” added Phelps, explaining why he was the most dedicated of swimmers. “I was trying to be as prepared as I could, and I tried to see what I could really do and what my potential was. I just really did kind of whatever it took.”  Read more @  Olympic Org


Rio 2016: Michael Phelps’ last challenge
Have you got a Little Free Library in your garden?

Have you got a Little Free Library in your garden?

[PBA 30]
Vocabulary to learn after watching the video
  • You can find just about anything you need online
  • The experience of going through a book that has some value
  • The little free library concept is very simple
  • A nationwide thing
  • Put the libraries out in their yards
  • You don’t have to sign anything out
  • No late fees
  • A repurposed newspaper box
  • Reading is very important
  • You can also read for leisure
  • I was able to take some photos and replicate as best I could the actual look of the Plaza
  • They take you through step by step instructions
  • It’s a great ice breaker and it’s a very easy way to meet people who have recently moved in the neighborhood
  • It’s a way to connect people
  • Contributing to the literacy of their whole community

Little Free Libraries are community-run and supported book sharing outposts that are popping up across the nation in mass numbers. The best map for finding these resources in the bay area is one created by an unaffiliated individual who lists all libraries, “official” or not. For more information about the movement, visit LittleFreeLibrary.org.”  

Read more @ Bittersweet Blog

Would you take them for a walk?

Would you take them for a walk?

[1000 Londoners]

 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • They are quite friendly
  • I rock up (arrive somewhere) to work one morning on my bike
  • My husband had a fit (be very shocked)
  • As a wedding anniversary present
  • A wedding dress fitting
  • They are in a state with their mother
  • It just lowers the temperature a bit
  • It’s a bit of an unorthodox thing to own in West London
  • A pig farm
  • They know that I’m the boss
  • Cracky don’t be such a pig
  • I have a walking license
  • Come on lads
  • Stop being stroppy
  • When you take on livestock, your home becomes a farm
  • A pig looks you straight in the eye

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It speaks for itself (3)

It speaks for itself (3)

how to say the year in English.jpg

Join an African safari LIVE NOW

Join an African safari LIVE NOW



Jump on the back and join a LIVE African Safari. Twice a day our expert guides invite you to come along and drive through the African bush in search of the Big Five as well as smaller animals.

Interact with your ranger by asking questions through #safarilive on Twitter or via the chat stream to the right of the feed on YouTube.

UPDATE: As of Friday, 22 September:
The Sunrise drive runs from 05:30 – 08:30 local time, which means start times of 11:30 EDT, 20:30 PDT, 04:30 in the UK, 05:30 in Central Europe (Summer), and 13:30 Sydney time.
Our Sunset Safari runs from 15:30 – 18:30 local time, which means start times of 09:30 EDT, 06:30 PDT, 14:30 in the UK, 15:30 in Central Europe (Summer), and 23:00 Sydney time.

When safariLIVE isn’t live, you can view the feed from the Djuma Waterhole camera, from the heart of Djuma Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sand/greater Kruger National Park area.


40 Million songs on your wrist

40 Million songs on your wrist


Get yours @ Apple

Freedom calls
Answer a call from your surfboard. Ask Siri to send a message. Stream your favorite songs on your run. And do it all while leaving your phone behind. Introducing Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular. Now you have the freedom to go with just your watch.


Academy of Style

Academy of Style

[M J Bale]

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• Bring your suit to life
• The options for styling are endless
• We will be addressing a few of our favorites
• First up is the puff fold
• All purpose look
• It can be worn
• Formally with suit and tie
• Simply tuck it into your pocket
• Tweak it until it looks right
• Too far out of your pocket
• To accentuate your broad shoulders
• A helpful tip is
• A look for the more devilish among you
• The most conservative of the pocket chief looks
• Fold it in halves
• Retain that classic and conservative look
• Head to mjbale.com


I can’t imagine living any other way

I can’t imagine living any other way

[The Great Big Story]
Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video
  • This is not a normal way of living
  • This is my husband Wayne
  • We live in a secluded cove
  • No road accesses
  • The water is our highway
  • Everything is floating
  • We are tied to shore with lines
  • We are not anchored
  • The dance floor
  • The light house building
  • 4 Greenhouses
  • It’s about 500 tons, a million pounds
  • Do you ever get seasick?
  • No, when I go to town I get land sick
  • On the West Coast of Vancouver island
  • The richest biomass on earth
  • Get into my canoe and paddle out
  • Catch a fish
  • Subsistence living
  • Move away from the city
  • 24 Years later we are still doing it
  • I can’t imagine living any other way




Bibia Be Ye Ye

Bibia Be Ye Ye


[Ed Sheeran]

Ed Sheeran wrote this uplifting African-inspired song about hope with Fuse ODG in Ghana. The song’s title is in Twi, a language spoken in Ghana. It translates to “All will be well.”   Read more HERE

I lost my shoes last night, I don’t know where I put my keys
I was tired and fell asleep beneath an oak tree
I bet my mother’s proud of me from each scar
Upon my knuckle and each graze upon my knee, and all I know
Is I got a cab and then threw up on his car seat
He kicked me out and then I walked in the rain
I tell myself in every way, “I won’t be doing this again”
And tomorrow’s a brand new day
Someone told me, “always say what’s on your mind”
And I am only being honest with you, I
I get lonely and make mistakes from time to time
So no man call ya, bibia be ye ye
Bibia be ye ye, ye ye ye ye
Bibia be ye ye

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Meet Cape Town

Meet Cape Town

[Cape Town Tourism]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • The rising sun
  • A dwelling of pride and hope
  • The crashing of waves
  • Sandy shores
  • Vibrant café life
  • Graffiti tells a story
  • The congregation of bustling feet
  • Indulge in Cape Malay curry spice
  • Young at heart
  • The good old days
  • Tour buses
  • Sip renowned wine
  • The lush green of Kirstenbosch Gardens
  • Where Mother Nature is always near
  • The world on a plate
  • Fine dining and spa resorts
  • Excite your inner child
  • Cape Town feels like home
  • We invite you to stay


A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool

A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool

Woolworths SA

We spoke to Merino wool farmer, George de Kock, about his love of farming and what makes Merinos special. Merino farming has been in George’s family for almost 200 years and his love of wool has been passed down from generation to generation.

Free to roam, George’s sheep are well cared for, eat all natural grass, and produce some of the finest wool in the country. As George says, ‘A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool.’

The care that George takes to rear his sheep means that the wool really is special. Produced for Woolworths, this wool is machine-washable, suitable to be tumble dried and moth repellent, making it great for winter knitwear. The wool is natural, great quality and long-lasting.

Shop from Woolworths online here

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• I started farming 25 years ago
• Merino sheep
• We’ve been here for about 200 years
• They don’t get housed at night
• They run freely
• They eat natural grass
• We handle them as little as possible
• I’ve trained as a vet
• We are the only country where the farmers adhere to a code of best practice
• A happy sheep produces lots of happy wool
• Excellent quality wool
• You tend to fall in love with wool
• It’s warm, it’s natural, it’s renewable
• It doesn’t end up in a landfill like your synthetics
• It doesn’t shrink
• They treat the wool, it’s insect repellent
• It will last, it does last forever
• Woolworths traditionally have always supported quality products
• A brand that is associated with quality products
• We keep them till they die of old age
• I like my sheep, I look after them


Blink #3

Blink #3

Photography Tips for Beginners

  Discover what ISO is in 39 seconds.[Canon Australia]