When was the last time you played?

When was the last time you played?


Over the years, IKEA has conducted some of the world’s largest research studies on child development and play. In 2017, IKEA continued to explore the topic by researching the importance of play for adults as well as children. This year’s play research identifies five key motivators of why we play – and the mental and emotional benefits inherent in them.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• A playful state of mind
• We wanted to understand how and why people play
• What adults’ view on play is
• I play to be happy again
• A diverse group of people
• To find out what play is
• What play is not
• Play is typically active not passive
• It is spontaneous
• It is satisfying not frustrating
• It is lighthearted
• Super-duper important
• Play to connect
• Play to express yourself
• Play to escape
• Play to explore
• Play to prepare
• It can make people’s life better


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