When was the last time you played?

When was the last time you played?


Over the years, IKEA has conducted some of the world’s largest research studies on child development and play. In 2017, IKEA continued to explore the topic by researching the importance of play for adults as well as children. This year’s play research identifies five key motivators of why we play – and the mental and emotional benefits inherent in them.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• A playful state of mind
• We wanted to understand how and why people play
• What adults’ view on play is
• I play to be happy again
• A diverse group of people
• To find out what play is
• What play is not
• Play is typically active not passive
• It is spontaneous
• It is satisfying not frustrating
• It is lighthearted
• Super-duper important
• Play to connect
• Play to express yourself
• Play to escape
• Play to explore
• Play to prepare
• It can make people’s life better

Make room for life

Make room for life



Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

Paper shuffling

• Coffee to go

• Road rage

• Catching your breath

• The beginning of life

• I am home

• Make room for a new beginning

• Those you let you down

• For wins and losses

• Their never-ending stories

• The first time and the last time, the ones in between

• Make room for one more

• Make sure

• Make room for love

• For the things you cherish

• Whatever the costs

• Make sure you make room for life

The world in 2025

The world in 2025

 [Ikea Portugal]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • It brings inanimate objects to life using smart life
  • Graphics are projected back onto the surface
  • A preparation surface
  • Work bench
  • Children’s play area
  • Explore creative flavor combinations
  • Get suggestions on what to cook
  • Set the timer
  • How much time and effort you want to spend
  • A cutting board
  • Browse recipes
  • Be inspired by friends and family
  • Place your pan on the table
  • Collect your ingredients
  • Set the temperature
  • The timer will start
  • Keep your coffee warm
  • All your kitchen stories bought to life


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