What are you here for?

What are you here for?

[Green renaissance]

“What are you here for? What are you living for? We’re here to do something, and it starts from being able to listen to that little voice inside.” – Nirmala Nair

Nirmala doesn’t want to live a settled down life. She continuously questions the status quo and works towards living a more authentic life.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• I’m a social misfit
• I’m quite unusual in my thinking
• Settle down
• Sharing the ability to question the status quo
• Be comfy
• What are you here for?
• What are you living for?
• A tiny little thing
• To be disconnected inside
• Time has become linear
• I have a deadline
• An enthusiasm to discover
• Ready-made answers
• We don’t go out and engage
• We don’t relate
• We don’t discover
• Take the risk to follow ones’ heart
• Make mistakes
• That is authenticity



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