Wide Crack Climbing

Wide Crack Climbing

||Watch the following video||

Wide Crack Climbing

||Vocabulary to learn after watching the video||

  • Extreme climber
  • Documentary film
  • An extreme and unconventional sport that demands power, stamina and immunity to pain
  • Crack climbing requires a lot of training
  • Bandages are crucial for avoiding hand injuries
  • Mastery of certain techniques is also extremely important
  • Developing new ones to make their climbs easier
  • People perceive it as being very difficult
  • When you do it a little bit and have the right techniques
  • Just as easy as doing normal climbing
  • They decided to go further afield
  • They set themselves the challenge of the century crack in Utah
  • Their exploit was documented in a film “Wide Boyz”
  • Don’t learn in the early days of climbing
  • The duo don’t always train in the open air
  • Purpose built climbing wall
  • This climb was so demanding in that sort of style
  • They have continued training in their basement for the worlds other challenges since
  • It took several attempts
  • A spectacular achievement
  • Push themselves to the limit
  • We train really hard
  • Break more records

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