Street Compliments

Street Compliments

||Watch the following video ||

Street Compliments

||Vocabulary to learn after watching video ||

  • Can you hear me loud and clear?
  • You are always there to support me
  • You are there never the less
  • Have someone to rely on
  • I don’t always acknowledge how awesome you are
  • Great sense of humor, witty and sharp
  • You made it so easy to be a mom
  • Keep doing what you doing cause it’s gonna to take you places
  • Co-worker
  • You are someone that inspires me everyday
  • Positive attitude
  • Stay light-hearted
  • You start signing at a drop of a hat
  • Your awareness of other people
  • Putting everyone at ease
  • I admire that so much in you
  • It might be hard for you to believe
  • I take after you
  • I aspire to be more like you as an adult
  • The greatest gift I could have
  • I’m so blessed to have you in my life

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