Would you let them have a sniff around your biscuits?

Would you let them have a sniff around your biscuits?

[time out London]

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• A cat café
• A business plan
• A lot to get through
• Crowd funding
• Reapply for an entrepreneur visa
• To find a suitable property
• A landlord who would permit us to operate a cat café
• All sorts of things
• It’s all coming together
• Stroke a cat
• The pleasure of their company
• Additional responsibility
• Everything that comes with it
• They will try to steal your biscuits
• Cat rooms and food preparation rooms
• Never left exposed
• To exercise diligence
• Have a sniff around your biscuit
• Stay away from the biscuits

A Virtual School

A Virtual School

Watch the following video :

Virtual School

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

A Virtual School

Schooling at home

Prepare the lessons

People who are experts in their fields

Two requirements we have to meet

A schedule they have to meet

Get on a chat room with your entire class

Talk about their lesson

Traditional brick and mortal school

Work together to achieve success

It’s kind of like email

Learning beyond the classroom

Meet them on field trips

See many different places

Museums, Science Centers, Historical sites

Get to meet people face to face

You get to enjoy activities that involve learning

What can we expose our children to, to make them well-rounded

Global economy

I’m involved in a lot outside of school

I take private voice lessons

You’re not relying solely on the school

I’m able work at my own pace

Get ahead if I want to

Interact with other students

Academic excellence

Wide Crack Climbing

Wide Crack Climbing

||Watch the following video||

Wide Crack Climbing

||Vocabulary to learn after watching the video||

  • Extreme climber
  • Documentary film
  • An extreme and unconventional sport that demands power, stamina and immunity to pain
  • Crack climbing requires a lot of training
  • Bandages are crucial for avoiding hand injuries
  • Mastery of certain techniques is also extremely important
  • Developing new ones to make their climbs easier
  • People perceive it as being very difficult
  • When you do it a little bit and have the right techniques
  • Just as easy as doing normal climbing
  • They decided to go further afield
  • They set themselves the challenge of the century crack in Utah
  • Their exploit was documented in a film “Wide Boyz”
  • Don’t learn in the early days of climbing
  • The duo don’t always train in the open air
  • Purpose built climbing wall
  • This climb was so demanding in that sort of style
  • They have continued training in their basement for the worlds other challenges since
  • It took several attempts
  • A spectacular achievement
  • Push themselves to the limit
  • We train really hard
  • Break more records
Earthscape Art

Earthscape Art

Watch the following video :


Vocabulary to learn after watching video :

  • He’s an Earthscape Artist
  • He spends his days on the beach racking the sand
  • He lets his imagination run wild
  • Geometric patterns
  • My biggest inspiration is nature
  • Translate the world I see
  • Scientific pursuit
  • By blending broad and narrow strokes he creates patterns
  • Which hovers above the design and takes pictures
  • Beach goers love his work
  • Travel miles to see it
  • He used to be Environmental Scientist
  • Follow his dream
  • Opened more doors
  • Make a living racking in the sand
  • When the tide comes in