Choosing the right car

Choosing the right car


Vocabulary chunks in this video are also suitable for those taking  the CaMLA  New ECPE Speaking Test  @ HAU (Choosing the best car for a family)

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Cool features
  • Will you be using your car primarily for driving to work?
  • If you commute frequently for long distances
  • Look for a car that gets good mileage
  • You could wind up spending a lot on gas every year
  • Fuel efficient cars tend to be smaller in size
  • Invest in a hybrid car
  • The extra costs of buying a hybrid version
  • Fuel savings
  • Gas powered version
  • Travel a lot of miles
  • Will may passengers will be travelling with you?
  • A family of four
  • A mid-sized car
  • SUV – looks like a tall station wagon
  • Allows you to carry a family of up to 7 or 8
  • Carrying lots of groceries and other cargo
  • Fold down the rear seats to create more space
  • Trunk space will be sufficient
  • No cargo capacity
  • Do you drive in snow, ice or off-road?
  • Those options add extra cost
  • Enhance your safety
  • A sports or sporty car
  • A sporty convertible
  • They are offered with manual transmission to give you more engagement
  • Automatic transmission
  • Will you be doing any towing?
  • Rent one for the week
  • A pickup truck


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