Take a 3D Selfie – Capture your memories

Take a 3D Selfie – Capture your memories



Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • The Digital Avatar is really at the center of everything
  • Data processing conversion
  • From that you can do a host of things
  • Talk to a scanning technician
  • Step into our 3D scanning system
  • 54 Cameras facing in all directions
  • A quick countdown 3 – 2 – 1
  • Check out the pictures
  • Convert into a 3D file
  • Build something up piece by piece
  • The remaining powder will get vacuumed away and put back into the system
  • They hold the powder together, but it’s not completely fused yet
  • It strengthens the bond and creates the finished product
  • The moment I’ve been waiting for
  • Create another type of product, like an ornament
  • Like be yourself in a video game
  • Your specific body and requirements
  • They are actually making clothes for your measurements
  • Household products, coffee mugs can fit your hand
  • Chairs can be shaped to your body
  • Specialized scanners
  • In partner locations
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