Goat Yoga | Would you try it?

Goat Yoga | Would you try it?

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It started as an experiment: Get a group of yogis together to practice yoga in a barn, then bring on the goats. This type of meditation might be unusual but people from around the world are finding the benefit (and fun) in it. According to Lainey Morse, the owner of Goat Yoga in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, fans have fallen in love with this type of animal therapy so much so that there is already a 600 person waiting list. 

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Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

• Social goats wandering around

• People love the interaction with the goats

• There’s a 600 person waiting list

• The class is an hour

• Lose interest

• They own the show

• Goats are very mischievous

• They’ll nibble on the yoga mats

• Snuggle with you

• There’s something very therapeutic about goats

• Hang out in the barn

• Take goat selfies

• Snuggle with the goats

• It’s part of therapy

• People are desperate for something that is pure and peaceful

• Baby goats jumping around you



Join the Treevolution

Join the Treevolution

 [Green Pop Treevolution]

In March 2017, Greenpop will be hosting their 7th annual Reforest Fest in the ancient Platbos Forest Reserve. But this isn’t just your ordinary festival! It is a chance to (re)connect with yourself, your fellow humans and with nature, help plant thousands of trees, dance to amazing live music, learn from eco-workshops, eat delicious food and much more. Last year, Greenpop planted 8.000 trees and this year they aim to plant another 8.000 trees ! Join them for a weekend of positive action and celebration ! Read more HERE

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Leaves under your feet
  • The dappled light through the trees
  • That you’re not just simply here on this earth
  • To go to work
  • To answer phone calls
  • To accept a more purposeful call
  • The wilderness
  • Just be in nature
  • Dance beneath the moonlight
  • Under a blanket of stars
  • Expand your mind
  • Use your imagination
  • Create something beautiful
  • Be part of replanting a forest
  • Growing a legacy
  • Reconnect with nature
  • Magic happens
  • Get back to your roots
  • Re-grow the southern most forest in Africa