It’s a pretty amazing lifestyle, it really is

It’s a pretty amazing lifestyle, it really is

They say dogs are a man’s best friend, but not for this bloke! He’s living the life on a remote island with the local wombats. 🐾

Ever dreamt about escaping the rat race to your own personal utopia? Well, how about befriending local wombats? Back Roads guest presenter Paul West heads to Flinders Island in Tasmania to meet up with eco warrior Addy Jones and his little mate Womy the wombat.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

We’ve got a wombat in the car
I look after orphaned ones
What was it that first drew you to the island
The biodiversity
They are still untouched
The people are wild as the weather
He’s a bit of an eco-warrior
Whose passions range from
Making surfboards out of recycled materials
Wildlife rescue
In that regard its very special
I’m comfortably broke but very healthy
The environment for one
It’s not for everyone because it is very remote
Logistically it’s a bit of nightmare
You can’t have everything
It’s a pretty amazing lifestyle, it really is

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