Have you been to a wedding?

Have you been to a wedding?

Cultures around the world have their own ideas on how to say “I do.” From tea ceremonies in China to smashing dishes in Germany, we’re taking you around the globe to see how couples celebrate their big day.

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Academy of Style

Academy of Style

[M J Bale]

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• Bring your suit to life
• The options for styling are endless
• We will be addressing a few of our favorites
• First up is the puff fold
• All purpose look
• It can be worn
• Formally with suit and tie
• Simply tuck it into your pocket
• Tweak it until it looks right
• Too far out of your pocket
• To accentuate your broad shoulders
• A helpful tip is
• A look for the more devilish among you
• The most conservative of the pocket chief looks
• Fold it in halves
• Retain that classic and conservative look
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No other volcanic creation on Earth can match Santorini

No other volcanic creation on Earth can match Santorini


Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Stunning views
  • 300m above sea level
  • Greece’s most popular tourist destination
  • Holiday apartments
  • Preserving the original style
  • In ancient times
  • A cable car connects Fira to the old port
  • Excursion boats
  • The Geological Institute
  • A neighboring island
  • It has a bay with a hot spring
  • You get used to it
  • Main island
  • Its volcanic heritage
  • Santorini wines enjoy an excellent reputation
  • Many restaurants serve both locally sourced vegetables and wine
  • Sea side restaurant
  • A contemporary modern twist to it
  • Spectacular landscape
  • Fine wine
  • Couples who come to say “I do”
  • 2000 weddings take place every season on Santorini
  • A Nuptial Package
  • A wedding planner
  • An ideal destination for the romantically inclined
  • It entices tourists every evening
  • The legendary sunsets
  • Enjoyed by the young and old alike

Map of Santorini

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Visit Greece @ Santorini or Municipality of Thira