I go back to remember

I go back to remember

Green Renaissance

“The simple act of walking is meditative. It allows us to clear out the baggage”. – Ivan Groenhof

Ivan spent three months walking in the wilderness, and came back with a new perspective on life.

He the initiator and co-founder of the Rim of Africa trail, the first Mega-Trail in Africa that is located just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. His knowledge of the environment, commitment to conservation, and passion for encouraging a cultural and personal reconnection to nature makes him an inspiring leader.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• I go back to remember
• I don’t think words can do justice
• Walk me, I’m here, I’m waiting for you
• The simple act of walking
• In some form of state
• It allows us to clear out the baggage
• The more attuned we become
• Reconnection happens
• Dirt and grubby
• Healthy and fit
• A shift in my outlook
• This is what it means to be human
• This is what it means to be alive
• The world is a bigger place
• We are born to walk
• Get off your chair and then remember