When in Rome do as the Romans do

When in Rome do as the Romans do

[Leggo’s Australia]

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Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Sift the flour
  • Make a well
  • Combine eggs, oil and water
  • Whisk with a fork
  • Pour egg mixture into the well
  • Work it through the flour
  • Mix all ingredients
  • Knead for 5-8 minutes
  • Stand at room temperature
  • Divide dough into 5 portions
  • Feed dough through the pasta machine
  • And you’re ready to cook

Inspire me #8

Inspire me #8


Did you know ?

Napkin’ derives from the word ‘nape’, the Old French word for a tablecloth or towel, that originally comes from the Latin word for map, ‘mappa’, and ‘kin’ is the word for ‘little’ in Middle English.

Early napkins are believed to have originated as slices of a type of bread, used by those from ancient Greece; ancient Chinese used paper; while ancient Romans are said to have used cloth, that eventually became popular by the 1500s