The future of high-tech education

The future of high-tech education

A growing number of classrooms in China are equipped with artificial-intelligence cameras and brain-wave trackers. While many parents and teachers see them as tools to improve grades, they’ve become some children’s worst nightmare (#WallStreetJournal)

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

Primary school
Pay attention
Head band
Levels of concentration
A global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)
A cashless economy
Facial recognition
The future of high-tech education
Chips that track their locations
Surveillance cameras that monitor how often students yawn

Netizens (The term netizen is a portmanteau of the words Internet and citizen, as in a “citizen of the net” or “net citizen.” It describes a person actively involved in online communities or the Internet in general)

Parental consent
AI Education
Boost student’s grades
The government has poured billions into the project
Bringing together tech giants, startups and schools
Exclusive access
To see first-hand how AI tech is being used in the classroom
A brainwave sensing gadget
Students practice meditation
The device is made in China
Sent in real time to the teacher
A report is generated
10 minute intervals
The reports are detailed
One of our reports tried on the device
A new technology
A neuroscientist
It is usually by doctors in hospitals and labs
It affects the signal
Despite the chances for false readings
Students have become more disciplined
They pay better attention in class
Study harder and achieve higher scores
A new kind of pressure for students
Government funded research projects
No privacy protection at all
Experts and citizens alike are sounding alarms
Future generations
Lesson plan here 

leave a legacy

leave a legacy

[Absa South Africa]

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Dull and grey
  • Or so they say
  • Get old stop work
  • It’s just not, no way
  • Does much more than talk
  • His soul shines bright
  • Come what may
  • Wonderfully kind
  • Has given new meaning
  • The blind leading the blind
  • Children in need
  • Eyesight impaired
  • A veggie farmer
  • A lady of leisure
  • A national treasure
  • Alternative energy
  • Sparks her flame
  • Sustainable fuel
  • Top of her game
  • A champion is he
  • A fitness fanatic
  • Strong as steel
  • Smooth as silk
  • He looks 33
  • Well this is it
  • We are at the end
  • We need not be dull
  • Go grey or grow old
The power of gratitude

The power of gratitude

Teacher Whitney Cole at Oak Ridge Elementary School in Sacramento knows how powerful gratitude can be, so she has her sixth grade students keep a gratitude journal that is impacting her students beyond the classroom.  []

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• Gratitude journals
• 3 Things that you are grateful for
• It forces a happy end to the day
• Everybody can find success in their gratitude journals
• Saying thank you
• Being grateful for what you have
• It might make a hard day turn into an easy day
• I’ve actually changed
• It continues, it starts becoming part of their everyday behavior
• They are still inspired
• They have high hopes for their future
• You get to shape who they are
• Then you get to watch them fly on their own
• She means a lot to me




‘Tis the season to be jolly #15

‘Tis the season to be jolly #15


The UK capital has switched on the Christmas lights and London’s Hyde Park has been transformed into a winter wonderland. There are decorations and gifts galore in all the stores.


Above all, Christmas in Stockholm means candlelight and hearty food. As it gets dark here early, the city puts on an impressive light show. Typically Swedish: glögg, spicy gingerbread and Yule goats.


Stollen, spiced mulled wine and gingerbread: For many in Germany, these items symbolize Christmas time. But how did these treats come to represent the holidays? Experts say the answer dates back to the 14th century.

Gift giving

Gift giving is a big part of Christmas. The Viadrina Museum in Frankfurt an der Oder is now devoting an entire exhibition to this custom. Presents from decades past are on display.

Ornaments for the Christmas tree

In the 19th century, a glassblower from Lauscha decided to use glass to make ornaments for the Christmas tree. They soon became a huge success around the world and are still made by hand in Lauscha today.

Christmas Light Display

Rolf Vogt of Lower Saxony doesn’t skimp when it comes to his Christmas lights. He’s spent over 150,000 euros to cover his house in Calle with over half a million colored lights on 4.3 kilometers of cables.


The southern German town of Nuremberg has been known for its gingerbread since the Middle Ages. It’s a Christmas specialty that can be enjoyed at the local festive “Christkindlesmarkt”.


It’s Christmas time in Russia, and one Christmas tradition has people braving the cold for hours on end. Competitive fishing at Christmas even managed to survive seventy years of Soviet rule. Who will catch the elusive “Christmas fish” this year?


During the advent season Amsterdam’s canals are illuminated by beautiful lights. Other season’s traditions include drinking eggnog, eating delicious Pepernoten cookies and going ice-skating in front of the Rijksmuseum.



During advent in Zurich, the city lights up like a Christmas tree. It’s a magical place, with its market, circus, and of course, cheese fondue. And what better way to digest than a stroll through the brightly-lit city?


Come fly with me

Come fly with me


Green Renaissance

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • How they gain their altitude 
  • Non-motorised flight
  • You can learn a lot from watching their behaviour
  • Hanging under a paraglide
  • They don’t recognise you as a human
  • Vultures are just amazing characters
  • They will come and join you, they will follow you around
  • And that’s pretty unique
  • That makes it a really cool experience
  • That’s just the most incredible thing that I’ve done, nothing comes close

“Walter Neser works at the Vulture Conservation program in Magaliesberg, South Africa. He flies with the endangered Cape Vulture in an attempt to learn more about their behavior from the air.

South African vultures are in serious trouble, especially the Cape Vulture, which is critically endangered, with only 2900 breeding pairs remaining. Reasons for their decline are varied, but include problems such as pylon injuries, malicious poisonings, muti killings (medicine murder) and insufficient food sources.”  Green Renaissance

Find out more @  Vulpro Kid’s Corner &  Vulpro



It brings you totally back to what actually is

It brings you totally back to what actually is

Green Renaissance

‘If we don’t respect them… the animals are lost, and their loss is our loss.’ This is the message from Hendrik Mentz, who shares his experience of caring for some goats.  Visit Green Renaissance HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • There is nothing else
  • It’s just you in this goat world
  • They allow you to do it
  • I totally absolutely love those girls
  • Love is connection
  • That person connecting back
  • Deep deep deep stuff
  • Humans have lost respect for animals
  • Their loss is our loss
  • A pound of butter
  • What is going to steer us out of this mess
  • I haven’t had a moments worth of loneliness
  • Being grounded, the space, the place
  • The sense that actually it’s real here
  • It brings you totally back to what actually is
Choose the things you put in your heart

Choose the things you put in your heart

   Green Renaissance

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • On our own piece of land
  • Try and live as self-sufficient as possible, and be free
  • Create our own world
  • Just live it
  • I can spend my day creating something and people pay me for it
  • I do appreciate it everyday
  • Living sustainably, it’s pure
  • I think my inspiration as an artist comes from the beauty in life
  • You just need to train yourself to recognize it
  • We can choose the things we put in our heart
  • Choosing the reaction to someone’s words
  • The direction to look at 
  • It’s all the milliseconds in your life that steers you
  • If everyone does it, then obviously it’s going to make a huge difference
  • There should be much more beauty in the world

“This is a film about Joshua Miles doing his reduction block woodcuts. He works as an artist in the small town of Baardskeerdersbos in the Western Cape, South Africa. He and his family live off the grid and love  gardening. Joshua’s inspiration comes from the beauty he sees in the landscapes around him.”  [Green Renaissance]

View his art @  Joshua Miles 

english vocabulary chunks
  выучить английский язык
Share a cup of success

Share a cup of success

    The Soul Pancake

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Nice to meet you
  • Nice to meet you too
  • It keeps me focused on my path
  • Going after life, I’m proud of him
  • Side-business, I make like home-made shea butter
  • You have to do what you love
  • I’ve been with my wife for over 40 years now
  • How about you?
  • At my ceremony we got to walk across the stage with our parents
  • She was happy about what I was doing
  • I have been able to retain my family through the ups and downs of life
  • I want my business up and running
  • One placement on a CD that goes gold
  • Take chances
  • It was great meeting you