Work in a gentle way doing work you love

Work in a gentle way doing work you love

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Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • The creation of culture that is generous and abundant
  • An infrastructure of care, woven into neighborhoods
  • In the heart of Oxford
  • Go and do work in the community
  • Cover the costs
  • Pay urban gardeners to go out and mentor edible landscapes
  • We get to touch base with some of the pensioners
  • Have ears for what their knowledge base is
  • Providing a social contact for them
  • Share their knowledge around food gardening
  • We can engage in the conversations around that
  • Facilitates something that otherwise wouldn’t have been here
  • The kind of changes that need to be made in urban areas
  • Builds community
  • Affordable healthy food
  • Less reliant on unsustainable imported goods
  • Shipped from all over the world
  • The abundance of food that can be grown in an urban space
  • We’ve got huge amounts of food going here
  • Can be as self-sufficient as you want to be
  • Part of what we are working towards for ourselves
  • To live quite simply
  • Working really hard in some sort of frantic way
  • We can work in a gentle way doing work we love
  • Reduce our requirement for money
  • Then we can love life
  • Its far more fulfilling to be able to share that knowledge with people who don’t have it
  • I can see eatable areas, eatable landscapes
  • Sharing their food, sharing seeds, swapping seeds
  • This model taken into another town, and put in place
  • That would be a pretty significant success