Ever wondered how to plant a tree?

Ever wondered how to plant a tree?


Ecosia is the search engine that plants trees

Planting a tree may seem like an easy thing to do. But we have learned in our ten years as a tree-planting search engine that many things can go wrong in the process of reforestation. That’s why we don’t take tree pledges lightly, which promise to plant billions, sometimes trillions of trees without specifying where, how or even to what ecological end. You need to be able to answer all of those questions to make sure that your trees will have a positive impact on nature and people, and indeed that they’ll survive in the first place.

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Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • How to plant a tree
  • Source some seeds
  • Species native to your planting site
  • Plow a patch of healthy soil by hand
  • In a strait line
  • Don’t forget to give them some water
  • Wait patiently for the seeds to sprout
  • Can take up to a few weeks
  • The seedlings have germinated
  • A tube that will form the base of your baby tree
  • Poke a hole
  • Pop the seedlings inside
  • During that time
  • Weed and water
  • Keep it in the shade
  • Place the tree in direct sunlight
  • Tough conditions that face us ahead
  • Find a good spot
  • Plenty of space to grow
  • The roots to spread out
  • Organic material
  • Refill the hole
  • A dry climate
  • Plenty of water
  • Wish it the best of luck

What is the power of trees?

What is the power of trees?

New research shows that trees communicate with one another and share nutrients through their roots! They need each other. In urban areas, trees also help us with health, economic and social benefits. They are part of our culture. We need them. So, how can we return the favor?

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Great great great grandson
  • Run around in the woods
  • Make rope swings
  • Inland rain forest
  • We spent all of our summers in the bush
  • Trees in urban environments are essential
  • As equal partners
  • People recover more quickly from surgery in hospitals
  • The workplace
  • There is evidence of these benefits
  • Every trees was connected to every other tree
  • Everything was connected to everything else
  • We would bury then in the trees
  • They literally live in the trees
  • Trees can recognize their kin
  • The air is cleaner
  • Constant contact with trees
  • It comes down to economics
  • Kids are doing better in school
  • A more urbanized nation
  • The value of having nature in the city
  • The cycle of life
  • We are just a strand in this web
  • We don’t own the earth we are part of the earth
  • Maintain that connection


Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot and reconnected with the Earth?

Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot and reconnected with the Earth?

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Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

Other Ways to be Earthed:

Swim in the ocean or lakes
Garden with bare hands
Lay on the Earth
Hug a living tree
Lean up against a living tree
Sleep on the earth while camping


Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

·       The Sun’s energy is crucial for good health

·       Direct contact with the surface of the Earth

·       Our bodies receive a charge of energy

·       It makes us feel better

·       This is called Earthing

·       Throughout history

·       Absorbing the Earth’s energy

·       In today’s world

·       We live most of our lives inside

·       Shoes prevent us from connecting

·       We often feel drained and achy

·       You can start receiving the benefits of Earthing

·       Going barefoot outside

·       The more time the better

·       This alone can be life changing

·       You can start Earthing indoors too

·       Safely and conveniently receive Earth’s energy

·       Sleep deeper

·       Feel more refreshed in the morning

·       Wake up looking terrific

·       This life changing discovery

·       It’s a no brainer






Trees can fly

Trees can fly


How to make Air Bonsai :


“A Japanese firm called Hoshinchu is producing kits for customers to produce their own floating versions of tiny house plants called Air Bonsai.

The tiny trees contain spongy balls of moss that contain magnets that sit above a porcelain base that similarly contain magnets which repel those found in the moss. 

How do the trees float :

The Air Bonsai kit is made up of two parts – an ‘energy base’ and the ‘little star’ which floats a few centimetres above the base.

The ‘stars’ are spongy balls of moss 2.3-inches (6cm) across containing magnets weighing around 250 grams

The porcelain base contains magnets and a rotating mechanism and is connected to the mains by an AC adapter.

The magnets repel each other to create the illusion of levitation. 

To plant the trees, customers poke a hole in the ball and add the cutting of the plant or a seedling. 

The website shows a number of bonsai trees which have been grown for a number of years spinning off the ground.

An additional pot is available in the form of a lava stone, instead of the moss ball.”

[Daily Mail UK]
A Tree-Mendous Christmas

A Tree-Mendous Christmas

Trees are the most recognizable sign of Christmas, but what do you know about them? Each acre of land dedicated to growing Christmas trees will provide the daily oxygen required by 18 people.

source : infographicszone.com
source : infographicszone.com

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