It’s just something very magical

It’s just something very magical

[Green Renaissance]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • My love affair for mushrooms started when I had to walk
  • It has developed into basically growing my own Shiitake Mushrooms out of logs
  • They help with cholesterol
  • They’ll break down tumors if you catch them in time
  • They’ll build up your immune system
  • I reckon that anybody can do it
  • An oak log between the diameter of 10cm-30cm
  • Give it a two-week rest period
  • A little gap of air underneath
  • Dab some wax on the top of it
  • Keep moisture content up
  • To keep bugs and mice away
  • Off ground
  • Cool shady area
  • It’s just something very magical

Shiitake Mushrooms for Wellness & Miso Ginger Soup

Found growing in moist forests on the decaying trunks of fallen trees, Shiitake mushrooms have been an important medicine and food source in Asia for thousands of years. These “flower mushrooms” are used to support a healthy immune system and are frequently eaten during an occasional bout of seasonal sniffles. They’re also really delicious, with a nice meaty texture. Food is medicine, right?

The stories say that a thousand years ago, a farmer decided to score a moist log and then packed wild Shiitakes into the notched wood. To his happy surprise, the inoculation was successful and soon whole mushrooms grew from the trunk, making Shiitakes one of the first cultivated fungi. These much beloved mushrooms can be taken as an extract, tea, or in capsule form. They’re also commonly used in cooking and can be easily reconstituted to use in soups, stir-fries, curries, and sautés, or powdered and used in gravies.

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