Solar powered vehicles in Africa

Solar powered vehicles in Africa

The air in Nairobi is heavily polluted by emissions from cars, buses and mopeds. The first solar-powered trucks and jeeps with electric motors have now started appearing in the city. While the energy is cheap, the vehicles themselves are not.


Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

  • Poverty stricken districts
  • It’s pouring with rain
  • Climate change is affecting Kenya’s normal weather patters
  • A solar powered e-bike
  • The bike can reach a speed of 40km an hour
  • The solar panel on the roof
  • The battery keeps recharging
  • It supplies pre-prepared staple food to street food vendors
  • The number one drive
  • Economically sustainable
  • We use green energy
  • The solar bikes
  • The electric cargo bike
  • Sustainable mobility is good for the environment
  • The population will grow massively
  • The number of vehicles driving on gasoline or diesel is on the rise
  • Worsening air pollution and increasing carbon emissions
  • Electric two and three wheelers
  • The transport sector
  • One of the biggest polluters
  • The electricity derives from renewables such as solar and wind power and geothermal energy
  • The main obstacle is inadequate infrastructure
  • Hardly any charging stations
  • Install solar charging stations
  • The battery range of 100km
  • Rural areas
  • There is a demand for electric vehicles
  • A major advantage
  • Turn the engine on, turn it off
  • Installs electric engines in cars
  • Electro mobility has benefits not only for the environment but also for the economy
  • A sustainable transport system
  • Before they go mainstream
  • The air quality improves


Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure


Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • People call me Dusty for short
  • We want to strip the world down to the basics
  • Take away the clutter of modern life
  • You’ve still got to carry your stuff
  • Just a stick and a sack
  • As high quality and as adventure prone as this
  • What are bindles? Bindles are bandanas on a stick
  • No one makes bindles with the same care
  • Craftsmanship and attention to detail
  • Locally sourced from naturally farmed branches
  • Handmade bindles
  • Would you guys care to take a walk around the block with a bindle just to see if it feels right?
  • Bindles are really meant for your hopes and your dreams
  • Take care, be safe
  • What will we do if the company doesn’t succeed?
  • Life is an adventure; you’ve got to have a bindle to put your memories in.