A place where you are the only one around

A place where you are the only one around


[Goal Zero]

Nearly seven years ago, climbers Mark and Janelle Smiley set out to climb a long list of difficult routes made famous by a 1979 guidebook aptly titled “Fifty Classic Climbs of North America”.
Their goal was to document their journey up more than 150K vertical feet of rock, ice, and glaciated technical terrain from New Mexico to Alaska. They have had Goal Zero products with them almost since the beginning and we have been proud to power their journey.  Follow their journey HERE


Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

·    You look like you’re going to make it

·    I want to get this thing over with

·    I don’t want to come back

·    I hear you

·    50 Classic climbs in North America

·    It has been one hell of a journey

·    Remote and wild places

·    Where you are the only one around is the whole reason why I love this project

·    Keep going

·    When you are storm bound in a tent

·    Keeping morale high 

·    Without the iPad, and iPhone and iThis and iThat

·    Glacier camping and glacier living

·    Super-geeked out system

·    Solar panel

·    Car battery

·    Overcharge  a car battery

·    To see the progression

·    Light weight and easy to use

·    Camera gear

·    It has been an amazing journey

·    We did it