Wild Wisdom

Wild Wisdom

Green Renaissance

“If you spend a long time with any species in the wild, you are encountering the species as they truly are. I describe it as wild wisdom.” – Jenny Cullinan Jenny dedicates all of her time to studying and learning from bees in the wild. She believes that we need to fundamentally change how we interact with bees, from housing and feeding, to moving them from one area to another to pollinate our crops. Let’s let the wild bees show us how.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Spend a long time
  • In the wild
  • As they truly are
  • That allows for the understanding to be much much greater
  • That can only be aquired
  • I’m allergic to bee stings
  • Being afraid of bees
  • We spend up to 8 hours a day
  • 5 Days a week
  • They’re fascinating
  • It’s a mystery
  • Globally bee populations are crashing
  • It’s a huge concern
  • Many factors that contribute to that
  • To enhance our relationship with bees
  • Specific needs
  • One should understand what they do in the wild
  • Try to mimic that
  • How we house them
  • A synthetic material
  • The whole natural order starts to fragment
  • Traditional ways of keeping bees
  • Tree beekeeping
  • More habitats for bees
  • Planting enough forage for them
  • All year round
  • Free to be wild
  • Number one priority
  • Should not be moved around from area to area
  • That are genetically sound
  • Live and know the conditions of your area
  • Survive well
  • See what comes
  • Looking at Nature’s Genius
  • My dream would be
  • We have to free our thinking and our way of being
  • On so many levels
  • Our inner relationship with ourselves
  • Our outer relationship with the world
  • You’re a better person
  • For yourself and for others
What inspires you?

What inspires you?

National Geographic

Simon Beck is a snow artist who creates huge designs in the snow by simply walking in a pair of snowshoes. He believes that inspiration goes before motivation, and nature’s perfect patterns inspire him to create something new every time out. This short documentary by Flash Studio follows Beck’s preparations for a piece he did in Stryn, Norway, on a day of good snow. Watch and join him as he catches a first glimpse of a masterpiece that, after many steps and calculations, would most likely be covered in two days. Follow Simon on Instagram HERE


National Geographic
I was born inside the Amazon Forest

I was born inside the Amazon Forest

For centuries, historians and scholars believed the Amazon rainforest was a pristine and untouched forest, a wild jungle that no man could tame. Research now shows that millions of people once lived in the Amazon and they transformed it to suit their daily needs. Quartz News follows archeologists into Brazil’s Amazon to learn how these ancient civilizations thrived without destroying the environment.

Meet South Africa

Meet South Africa

South African Tourism

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video


  • What is Mbhaco you may ask
  • A Xhosa Bride
  • He needed to find inspiration elsewhere
  • Where was this elsewhere
  • If any inspiration needed finding it would be here
  • Cows with horns that stab the rain
  • Perhaps rubbing shoulders with kings and queens
  • Consult the elders
  • It was further than a short walk away
  • He wasn’t one to give up
  • He looked to the mountains
  • The valley of a thousand hills
  • Ballroom dancing
  • So inspired