Just walk out

Just walk out

Amazon Go Grocery lets you shop for fresh produce and just walk out, no wallet required.

Just Walk Out technology enables shoppers to simply enter a store, grab what they want, and just go. Born from years of experience at Amazon Go, Just Walk Out uses a combination of technologies to eliminate checkout lines. We now offer retailers the ability to leverage this technology in their stores to help bring fast and convenient checkout experiences to more shoppers.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

  • Grocery store
  • Sneak Peek
  • Fresh produce
  • New concept
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • No check out required
  • A few days before opening
  • Organic chicken
  • Roast chicken for dinner
  • Working out where I’m moving in the store
  • Driverless car
  • Detect objects
  • More surveillance cameras
  • A bottle of ketchup
  • Pick up fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Me being picky and fussy
  • In the produce aisle
  • It makes it very challenging
  • Something from the frozen aisle
  • They had to update the machine
  • Check out
  • Just walk out technology
  • I don’t need to pay anyone
  • It’s detected me throughout the entire store
  • Everything is going to get emailed to me via the app
  • Delicious roast chicken dinner

Ask yourself, do I really need it ?

Ask yourself, do I really need it ?

source : Pantagonia

Since 1973, we’ve made clothes to endure, so you don’t need to buy new as often. There are some things you can do, too. Buy less. Buy used. Repair what you wear out. Demand recycled. Demand Fair Trade. Demand organic. You have the power to change the way clothes are made.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • No longer can we assume
  • The earth’s resources are limitless
  • Our fist catalogue
  • It’s only gotten worse
  • The clothing industry contributes up to 10% of the pollution
  • Driving the climate crisis
  • We’ve been in business
  • An environmental issue
  • Clothes to endure
  • You don’t need to buy new as often
  • With recycled materials
  • The way nature intended
  • We promote safe and fair labour conditions
  • There are some things you can do to
  • Ask yourself
  • Do I really need it
  • Use in multiple ways
  • Repair what you wear out
  • Pass things down
  • Demand recycled
  • Demand fair trade
  • Demand organic
  • Buy less, demand more
Black Friday – Camping out for PlayStation 5

Black Friday – Camping out for PlayStation 5

  • The Covid Pandemic will have an impact on holiday shopping
  • Shopping from home
  • Hitting stores on Black Friday
  • Impacted by the Pandemic
  • Doors to remain closed
  • Usual crowds of shoppers
  • Looking for deals
  • Lined up outside of a store
  • First in line
  • Sold out everywhere
  • Camping out ahead of Black Friday
  • Cases continue to climb
  • Pandemic protocol
  • Food court
  • Social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Stand empty
  • Crowd control
  • Keeping precautions, staying away from people
  • Meanwhile all these stores open tomorrow morning
The Fortress of Footwear

The Fortress of Footwear

Vocabulary to learn after watching video :

Whichever style you’re into

A fortress of footwear

The largest store of its kind

Dedicated to shoes and only to shoes

Passion for footwear

300 000 in stock

250 brands

100 are exclusive to Level Shoe District

The shoe is becoming a status symbol

This concept is working 

Luxury Industry

Very glitz and glamour

High end status

We offer something for everyone

700 000 shoppers a month

Located in the largest mall

Would you shop at The Empty Shop?

Would you shop at The Empty Shop?

 [sonovision studios]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • We came across it on a blog
  • A concept that has run in a few countries before
  • Joint Venture
  • Shop assistants/ stylists
  • Dress the mannequins
  • High end boutique
  • Consumers
  • Bring in the old garments
  • Fill the shelves
  • Turning donations on its head
  • Pass it on and donate it to charity
  • The home of high-end goods
  • A match made in heaven
  • Connected to charity
  • A project of this size and of this nature
  • We’ve put a lot of heart and a lot of good will to many many South Africans
  • Life limiting illnesses, like cancer, HIV and Aids
  • It was different from the norm
  • People have a very positive attitude
  • It was definitely a worthy cause
  • We’ve got donations from all our staff members
  • We set out to break the Brazilian record, or the world record
  • A rough breakdown
  • A great big thank you to all those individuals who became involved
  • Such an amazing drive for donations

How it works

The Empty Shop is a global charity initiative that encourages customers to bring clothes to the shop instead of taking them away.

The Empty Shop, invites shoppers to donate any item of clothing, bring it to The Empty Shop and hand it over to the shop assistant. The shop will be filled with donated clothes and mannequins beautifully styled with the items donated. Each night the shop will be emptied, leaving The Empty Shop ready to receive new donations again the following day.