Weekly photo challenge || Connected

Weekly photo challenge || Connected

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 In response to The Daily Post’s  weekly photo challenge : Connected

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Greece – A Sailing Holiday

Greece – A Sailing Holiday

Watch the following video :

Sailing Holidays

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • We’ve done this 16 times now
  • Sailing holidays
  • Enjoyable, affordable and relaxing ways to enjoy your holiday
  • Have been operating for over 35 years
  • Delivering bespoke (custom-made) holidays
  • For all levels of sailing enthusiasts
  • A fantastic way to experience the Greek Islands from the water
  • Yachts are set up for comfort and ease of handling rather than performance
  • The region in which you will be sailing
  • There is no tide; the weather is perfect and safe for all the family
  • Lead crews
  • Shore based teams
  • Provide comprehensive background
  • There is something for everyone
  • Hundreds of thousands of people
  • First sail boat experience
  • Do whatever you want to do during the day
  • Meet up with people at bays in the evenings
  • Our philosophy is to infuse people about sailing
  • By cruising each day between picturesque Greek island villages in the sun
  • Enjoying an evening’s entertainment in a port
Weekly Photo Challenge || Afloat

Weekly Photo Challenge || Afloat

afloat1 afloat2 afloat3

If something’s afloat, it’s drifting on the water. When you sail toy boats, you set them afloat  across a pond or lake. You can set something afloat, like an inner tube in a pool or a leaf on a stream, or you can struggle to stay afloat, as when the passengers of a capsized boat try to keep their heads above water. In either case, being afloat means floating on the surface. The Old English word is aflote, from a Germanic root word. (source : vocabulary.com)

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Afloat.”