You make it easier to sing

You make it easier to sing


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Make Everyday Brighter

Make Everyday Brighter

Ikea India

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• Well It’s how you see it
• A merry-go-round
• Things to explore
• Open many doors
• A new way for a new every day
• Make some art
• Make a mess
• Add some more
• Make it less
• Sleepovers
• High fives
• Let it go
• Run away
• Peek a boo
• Say hello how are you
• Make some noise
• Let’s go fly away
• Make everyday brighter

Say Hello

Say Hello


People say “hello” every day without it having any meaning. “Say Hello” with Mentos; a friendly way to say more than just “hello”

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • A better way to say hello
  • Say hello
  • High five
  • Fist bump
  • Hug
  • Rock paper scissors
  • Hold hands
  • Chest bump
  • Propose
  • Run a race
  • Do yoga
  • Piggy back
we are all equal

we are all equal

Green renaissance

“Connect with people. Listen to them. By engaging with someone one-to-one, you have a fundamentally more rich experience.” – Anton Crone.

These days, people seem to think that engagement is shouting at each other across Facebook. But that’s not it. The way you engage, the language you use, your body language – that’s all being missed. We need to make time for those real connections.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• And it just says
• Life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to be life
• I was going through a hard time
• I started photographing mainly people
• A lot of ancient traditional cultures
• Contemporary cultures
• Connecting with people
• Engaging with them
• Opposing views
• A more rich experience
• How would you call it
• It becomes a complete confession
• Develop a relationship with them
• For weeks at a time
• Engaging with people face to face
• Body language
• To learn about where they’re at
• We are all equal
• Having people around you
• Doing what you love

It was a long long time ago

It was a long long time ago

Hiho Kids

Vocabulary chunks :

• Nice to meet you
• I’m very happy to meet you
• How was it like back then
• We didn’t have radio
• We didn’t have television
• No telephones
• No trucks, they had wagons and horses pulled them
• It was a long long time ago
• I was in the Second World War
• I liked marbles and tops
• We had to wear skirts and stocking
• They didn’t have slacks and pants
• I did research on ants
• You’re really old but you’re really good
• I have a good life
• The secret to living a long life is being happy, working hard, getting exercise, doing things for yourself
• All of those things make you live a long time
• It’s wonderful to meet you, have a great life

See how it runs

See how it runs

Snow tells the story of Mpho, a little girl who dreams of snow, despite living in the Karoo. Her grandparents intervene to help her dream come true – with a little help from Cerebos Salt.

Great Karoo Map

The Karoo is South Africa’s magical desert space, its version of New Mexico, the Outback or the Gobi. A vast, ancient seabed straddling the midriff of the country, the Karoo (a Khoikhoi word for “dry place”) is the size of Germany. In the past two centuries, more than 100 towns, villages, settlements and railway sidings have sprung up in the region, but the population has always been sparse, never topping the one-million mark. READ MORE

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Make your big day even more beautiful and meaningful. Discover some wedding styling tips. Shop the Always & Forever Collection HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• How to style your wedding
• Personalized name tags
• Make every detail beautiful
• Let’s celebrate
• Always & forever
• Celebrate in style
• A photo booth area
• Pop the bubbly
• Guest book
• Wishing well
• Congratulations
• Advice to the happy couple
• Ceremony
• Reception

3 Minute English #4

3 Minute English #4

[BBC Learning English]

Vocabulary chunks

whirlwind romance – romantic relationship which develops quickly

tying the knot – getting married (informal)

blind date – romantic meeting of people who don’t know each other

fell in love – became romantically attached (to someone)

engagement – promise of marriage

Connect with people you love

Connect with people you love

[Green Renaissance]

“You can find rhythm everywhere. Pulse and cycles and nature and moon phases. It has a rhythm.” – Ronan Skillen

Ronan is a talented musician, who finds his inspiration, his balance and his connection, through spending time in nature. It’s where he re-tunes his body, mind and soul.

“Music isn’t simply a sound produced with instruments – it’s everywhere, permeating our environment, and it shares a common thread with nature, especially rhythm. Rhythm is what fascinates me most”

Connect with Ronan HERE

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Vocabulary in chunks to learn from the video :
• You can find rhythm everywhere
• Nature and Moon phases
• It’s not like a thing that you can see or touch
• It’s a thing that you can either feel and hear
• A musician
• Loud environments
• Getting away from the city
• Finding a re-tuning a rebalancing of sorts
• Nature does that
• Rooted, balanced, connected
• The capacity to be more connected than ever before
• We are less in touch with each other than ever before
• It’s a paradox
• Social media
• It’s not a real interaction on a human level
• A constant challenge
• Spend less time on your phone
• That’s really it