Love what you do

Love what you do

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 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • I haven’t really looked back
  • It’s been like such a cool adventure
  • It’s going really well
  • I get to meet great people
  • It’s definitely a labor of love
  • That’s what people appreciate when they come, I get something custom-made
  • Something that no one else will have on the street
  • I couldn’t create a duplicate of a hat even if I tried
Vocabulary chunks in this video are also suitable for those taking  the CaMLA ECPE Speaking Test  @ HAU

Job Profile  –  Hat Designer 

“As a hat designer or milliner you’ll be using your creative skills to design hats. You may create unique hand-made hats or design hats to be mass-produced for designer shops or department stores.

You’ll need practical millinery skills and creative flair to produce fashionable designs that will appeal to your customers. Good marketing and promotion skills can be useful, especially if you wish to run your own business.

Skills, interests and qualities

To be a hat designer, you’ll need:

  • creativity
  • a good eye for colour and shape
  • an understanding of the properties of materials and how they can be used
  • practical hat-making skills
  • an understanding of production processes
  • the ability to spot and develop trends
  • a willingness to accept feedback
  • commercial awareness
  • business and marketing skills (if self-employed).
 [National Career Service ]
More Vocabulary Chunks for the CaMLA ECPE Exam
Do you want to become a nutritionist?

Do you want to become a nutritionist?

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Vocabulary chunks in this video are also suitable for those taking  the CaMLAECPE Speaking Test  @ HAU

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • A Melbourne based nutritionist
  • Director of the blog Nutritious Made Delicious
  • Advises clients what to eat
  • Achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduce the risk of illness
  • Help them achieve a health related goal
  • A good people person
  • Be empathetic
  • Give them a sense of trust
  • The main day-to-day responsibilities
  • It will involve one-on-one nutrition consultations
  • Developing and facilitating nutrition seminars
  • Recipe testing
  • Freelance writing
  • Researching blogs
  • Continuously be learning
  • Helping them implementing some changes that are going to improve their lifestyle

Job Profile  –  Nutritionist 

“If you are interested in healthy eating and want to help improve people’s wellbeing, this job could be perfect for you.  Nutritionists need to be able to relate to people from all backgrounds. They need to inspire and motivate people. They also need a non-judgemental attitude.  To become a nutritionist you will normally need an approved degree or postgraduate qualification, or a minimum of seven years’ experience in this field.​​

Skills, interests and qualities

To become a nutritionist, you will need to have:

  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to relate to people from all backgrounds
  • a non-judgemental attitude
  • the ability to inspire and motivate people
  • a keen interest in healthy eating
  • good knowledge of the impact of diet on health
  • evaluation and reporting skills
  • good time management and organisation skills
  • the ability to work as part of a team and with other professionals”
 [National Career Service ]
More Vocabulary in Chunks for the CaMLA ECPE Exam
A new breed of young talent

A new breed of young talent

  [CNBC International]

Practice your speaking with this ECPE (C2)  Speaking Prompt  related to Music (Choosing a Musician)
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Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • They are young and draw enormous crowds
  • They have rock star status
  • This is the new wave of rising stars
  • From bedroom producers and DJs to multimillionaires
  • The world’s number one ranked DJ
  • For the love of music
  • World tour
  • The biggest names at the moment
  • He currently commands 6 figures per gig
  • A new breed of young talent
  • He is quickly climbing the ranks of the DJ and Producing world
  • Making music in my bedroom
  • It’s a trend some can’t really explain
  • I was inspired by…
  • The more established stars
  • He is arguably one of the biggest names at the moment
  • I embrace new sounds, I am always happy to collaborate with new artists
  • To make your hit record
  • An impact for upcoming talent
  • Give the chance to young talent
  • A good mix between national and international artists
  • It’s a platform for them

Job Profile  –  DJ 

“DJs play music for audiences at live venues, or entertain radio audiences. If you are interested in music, and you are confident and outgoing, this job could be ideal for you.

In this job you will need to have a good sense of timing. It would help if you are technically minded, so you can learn to operate the equipment. Sometimes you will need to think on your feet.

To get into this job you will usually need knowledge of music technology and an awareness of music trends. You will also need to get experience through volunteering or work placements. Courses, in subjects like music technology and radio broadcasting are also available, which could help you develop some of the skills you need.

Skills, interests and qualities

To be a DJ, you would need to have :

  • a keen interest in and enthusiasm for music
  • a confident and outgoing personality
  • a good sense of timing and co-ordination
  • some understanding of technical equipment
  • calmness under pressure
  • the ability to work to strict deadlines
  • the ability to do several tasks at the same time
  • the skills to manage your own business and promote yourself, if you are self-employed
 [National Career Service ]
More Vocabulary in Chunks for the CaMLA ECPE Exam