Together even when apart

Together even when apart


Celebrations of Mother’s Day throughout the World

Argentina –  It is customary to honor Argentinean Mothers with dinners, poems and special gestures of attention. Children write letters in school or make cards and crafts to take home. Husbands cook and clean and look after the family, allowing the mother to relax and enjoy the day. Moms are almost certain to receive flowers, cards, candy, jewelry or an unexpected surprise.

Mexico  – Celebrations include starting the morning with a song sung to the mother in the morning, followed by a family breakfast or brunch.  Typically the mother will also receive flowers, chocolates, or sentimental cards (May 10 is the largest day for sending cards in Mexico).

China – While China’s Mother’s Day is based primarily on the practices of the United States, it is interesting to note that most Chinese names begin with a character signifying Mother in honor of one’s maternal heritage.  

Ethiopia – Mother’s Day in Ethiopia occurs in mid-fall when the rainy season ends. Called “Antrosht,” Ethiopians celebrate by making their way home when the weather clears for a large family meal and a three day long celebration. For the feast the children bring ingredients for a traditional hash recipe, which the mother prepares for the family.  After the meal a celebration takes place. The mothers and daughters ritually anoint themselves with butter and dance while the men sing songs in honor of family and heroes. This cycle of feasting and celebration lasts two or three days.

Italy – The Italians celebrate La Festa della Mamma with a big feast and a cake made in the shape of a heart. Typically Italian schoolchildren will make something to bring home to their Mothers, and the family will take care of the chores for the day.

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What do you love about your mom?

What do you love about your mom?

[Soul Pancake]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • She lived to be 86
  • She was a sweet person
  • She’s an ego booster
  • I think she likes me more than my sister
  • She had a family of six
  • She was always there to hear me out
  • She has never given up on me
  • Always there to support me
  • She believed in me
  • It’s  hard work raising up two kids
  • Thank you for giving me the confidence to love myself


Give kids back their wildhood

Give kids back their wildhood

Watch the following video :

gorving canada

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Kids want their wildhood back
  • They want to play, not have play dates
  • They want to get dirty, not get sanitized
  • They want to wander
  • Be left alone for more than 5 minutes
  • They want to sleep in a bunk
  • Stare at the stars past their bedtime
  • Eat with their hands
  • Eat from a stick
  • Visit their neighbour without a chaperone
  • They want to run, skip and roam free
  • Let’s give them back their wildhood