Do you know how to play Padel Tennis?

Do you know how to play Padel Tennis?

A new sport, Padel Tennis, is taking South Africa by storm. The racket sport typically played in doubles on a smaller enclosed court than the size of a tennis court, appears to be attracting more athletes and fans in the country.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

it might be early days

but padel tennis has been riding a crest of a wave in South Africa a mix of tennis and squash

on an enclosed court has enjoyed tremendous growth three playing courts we’re a pay-to-play padel business which is a brand new very exciting fastest growing sport in the world has its origins in Mexico

a football-mad nation

it’s taken off big time in Europe

we have big ambitions

we want to grow to a couple of hundred courts

we do a lot of marketing

we do coaching clinics

we do promotions

we run tournaments

they literally become addicted to the sport we have people that play every day padel bosses say the game has been attracting all sorts anybody that wants to be social

that wants to have fun this game is for everyone young children as young as six or seven who knows what the future holds I like the competitiveness

it’s fun it’s quick it’s energetic the future is huge and bright for South African paddle

one of the fastest-growing sports in the world

racket sport