The future of eating

The future of eating

In Germany, start-up ‘GreenGuru’ provides urban professionals who are too busy to prepare a wholesome lunch with nutritious snacks and meals. Healthy eating has become a trend – and it’s even beneficial for the environment.


Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

  • Rush hour
  • The founders of start-up Green Guru
  • A gap in the market
  • Urban professionals who are too busy to make their own lunch
  • Instant gratification
  • Everything at a touch of a button
  • They consider healthy eating important
  • The trend is reflected in super market sales
  • Demand for wholesome fresh juices is souring
  • Ready meals full of additives and preservatives
  • Fresh produce
  • The ready meal segment is stagnating
  • Nestle is a market leader
  • Investing heavily in research
  • Provide nutritional solutions for consumers
  • Based on their genetic make up
  • A custom made diet for better health
  • The head of Nestle Germany predicts that this will be the next big thing
  • No one size fits all
  • A number of other parameters
  • Food manufanctures
  • Online nutritional advice services
  • The statistics mainly reflect rough averages
  • These days a growin number of Germans
  • Switching to vegetarian diets
  • The number of Vegans has risen in recent years
  • A sustainable future
  • A trend that will continue to grow
  • Butchers beg to differ
  • There will always be a demand for meat
  • Throwing away as little as possible
  • It tackles food waste with technology
  • They are sold at a discounted price
  • It’s all about reducing waste
  • To produce food on demand
  • With a click of a button


Life just tastes better with chocolate

Life just tastes better with chocolate

  [Andrew Whitlatch]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • A chocolate maker
  • I’m originally from South Africa
  • Family  get togethers
  • I moved to the states to get into finance
  • A celebration of chocolate
  • It is believed that chocolate is a superfood
  • Nutritional value of this superfood
  • We do chocolate bars, and we do truffles
  • We make the best chocolate in the world
  • Anything is possible
  • Everyone there loves what they do
  • It almost freaks me out  a little bit how much people  like being there

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Do you want to become a nutritionist?

Do you want to become a nutritionist?

  [SEEK Learning]

Vocabulary chunks in this video are also suitable for those taking  the CaMLAECPE Speaking Test  @ HAU

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • A Melbourne based nutritionist
  • Director of the blog Nutritious Made Delicious
  • Advises clients what to eat
  • Achieve a healthy lifestyle
  • Reduce the risk of illness
  • Help them achieve a health related goal
  • A good people person
  • Be empathetic
  • Give them a sense of trust
  • The main day-to-day responsibilities
  • It will involve one-on-one nutrition consultations
  • Developing and facilitating nutrition seminars
  • Recipe testing
  • Freelance writing
  • Researching blogs
  • Continuously be learning
  • Helping them implementing some changes that are going to improve their lifestyle

Job Profile  –  Nutritionist 

“If you are interested in healthy eating and want to help improve people’s wellbeing, this job could be perfect for you.  Nutritionists need to be able to relate to people from all backgrounds. They need to inspire and motivate people. They also need a non-judgemental attitude.  To become a nutritionist you will normally need an approved degree or postgraduate qualification, or a minimum of seven years’ experience in this field.​​

Skills, interests and qualities

To become a nutritionist, you will need to have:

  • excellent communication skills
  • the ability to relate to people from all backgrounds
  • a non-judgemental attitude
  • the ability to inspire and motivate people
  • a keen interest in healthy eating
  • good knowledge of the impact of diet on health
  • evaluation and reporting skills
  • good time management and organisation skills
  • the ability to work as part of a team and with other professionals”
 [National Career Service ]
More Vocabulary in Chunks for the CaMLA ECPE Exam