Happiness is taking what you can in the moment

Happiness is taking what you can in the moment


Our world has become so full of daily demands. Helen has found a way to escape this.

“It feels like land has become so cluttered with so much stuff – cellphones, and cars, and appointments. When I’m in the water, it feels like the one place that I can get away from everything” – Helen Walne

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

• I’ve gone through phases
• When is this phase going to end?
• This one is going to stick
• Something so immersive
• Not just physically but mentally as well
• I grew up on a farm
• Far away from the sea
• I’m trying to find my way around water
• Taking what you can in the moment – right now
• Cluttered with so much stuff
• One of the few places that we can get away from everything
• It slows everything down
• It’s magical, it’s truly magical
• There is this entire world that you have never experienced before
• Just floating and looking
• It’s not just underwater it’s under wonder