What’s the secret to happiness?

What’s the secret to happiness?

Norwegians are on average the happiest people in the world. What‘s their secret? It has to do with a high living standard, a life close to nature and a generally constructive attitude.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • The happiest people on earth
  • The Norwegians
  • Fresh seafood
  • Breathtaking scenery
  • Long dark winters
  • Dampen their spirits
  • The nature and the people
  • A psychologist
  • The top of the international ranking
  • It has a lot of benefits
  • People trust each other more
  • Its a very important factor
  • It can serve as an example
  • The educational system is excellent
  • Unemployment and poverty are low
  • A positive attitude
  • In their overall contentment
  • Activities they look forward to
  • The dark period
  • A national sport
  • Six months of the year
  • They are part of life
  • They love to go hiking with family and friends
  • Build a fire in the open
  • You can trespass other people’s property
  • No matter what the weather
  • Open air day care centre
  • The key to happiness
  • Norwegians closeness to nature
  • Share the housework
  • An extra effort
  • A cosy home and candles
  • Governments can do much to enhance the people’s happiness
  • More attention to what really matters
  • What is important for me
  • The road to success
  • To sit in the sunshine
  • To experience these happy moments

Up close and personal

Up close and personal

  [Great Big story]

Every winter, Norwegian marine biologist Andreas B. Heide sails north in search of whales, especially orcas. He’s not just there to document these incredible creatures from the boat, however—he jumps in and swims right along with them. Orcas are some of the most powerful and intelligent predators on the planet, but by approaching them with respect and establishing trust, Andreas has been able to gain perspective on how they live, interact, and even play. His hope is to increase awareness for conservation efforts by documenting his up-close-and-personal interactions with these surprisingly gentle giants.

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • I was scared to death
  • But it chooses not to
  • I am a sailor, adventurer and marine biologist from Norway
  • It’s harsh and also tremendously beautiful
  • Nature at its very best
  • To make a documentary about orcas and whales in the wild
  • Observe them from a distance
  • They are gentle yet so fast
  • Once you’ve made eye contact with an orca there is no turning back