The future of high-tech education

The future of high-tech education

A growing number of classrooms in China are equipped with artificial-intelligence cameras and brain-wave trackers. While many parents and teachers see them as tools to improve grades, they’ve become some children’s worst nightmare (#WallStreetJournal)

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

Primary school
Pay attention
Head band
Levels of concentration
A global leader in artificial intelligence (AI)
A cashless economy
Facial recognition
The future of high-tech education
Chips that track their locations
Surveillance cameras that monitor how often students yawn

Netizens (The term netizen is a portmanteau of the words Internet and citizen, as in a “citizen of the net” or “net citizen.” It describes a person actively involved in online communities or the Internet in general)

Parental consent
AI Education
Boost student’s grades
The government has poured billions into the project
Bringing together tech giants, startups and schools
Exclusive access
To see first-hand how AI tech is being used in the classroom
A brainwave sensing gadget
Students practice meditation
The device is made in China
Sent in real time to the teacher
A report is generated
10 minute intervals
The reports are detailed
One of our reports tried on the device
A new technology
A neuroscientist
It is usually by doctors in hospitals and labs
It affects the signal
Despite the chances for false readings
Students have become more disciplined
They pay better attention in class
Study harder and achieve higher scores
A new kind of pressure for students
Government funded research projects
No privacy protection at all
Experts and citizens alike are sounding alarms
Future generations
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