Listen #2

Listen #2

Bernie Krause

Ecologist and musician Bernie Krause has made it his life’s work to record the planet’s vanishing soundscapes. Here’s why we need to tune into the environment. Read more HERE



Bernie Krause

Ecologist and musician Bernie Krause has made it his life’s work to record the planet’s vanishing soundscapes. Here’s why we need to tune into the environment. Read more HERE



Atlantic Edge Films

Footage taken in FalseBay (South Africa) amongst the Kelp forests. See the variety of Shark species including the Seven Gill Shark and the Stripped Cat Shark.

Atlantic Edge Films specialises in underwater filming, marine logistics and has an extensive stock footage library of 4-8k footage. Based in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa they have a wealth of marine wildlife right on their doorstep – including numerous species of whales, dolphins, seals, marine birds, fish and of course sharks – lots of sharks!
They are experts at filming Great White Shark behaviour, both above and below the water, whether with or without a cage.
Their work is often featured on the BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic Channel.  READ MORE 

Recording the sounds of extinction

Recording the sounds of extinction

great big story

Ecologist and musician Bernie Krause has made it his life’s work to record the planet’s vanishing soundscapes. Here’s why we need to tune into the environment.  Read more at

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

Global warming
Natural Soundscape
The sun rises
Birds begin to sing
A soundscape ecologist
I record animals for a living
Repeat the recordings over and over again
An archive of material
Robust habitat with a signature of a stream
Changing drastically
A silent spring
Radically altered
Before logging
Same spot
A coral reef
In the long run
In the short run
We are partly to blame for that
A pair of earphones


The Birds of Paradise

The Birds of Paradise

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • They transform themselves into something that you’ve never seen before
  • They are unlike any creatures on earth
  • Most outstanding phenomena ever witnessed
  • Evolutionary Biologist
  • Wildlife photographer
  • 39 Species of these miraculous birds
  • In an attempt to comprehend their secrets
  • How did that come to be
  • Exceptional Beauty
  • One of nature’s most extraordinary hidden wonders

Some interesting facts :

Males use their voices to broadcast their location and entice distant females to come and look. When females approach, males turn on the visuals, which often come with their own more intimate sounds.

A map of New Guinea

New Guinea

Explore more @ Birds of Paradise Project 

Free lesson plans can be found HERE

Free Webinars can be found HERE 

Would you stay in a tree house?

Would you stay in a tree house?

[Africa Travel Channel]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Indigenous forest
  • We are a haven for those who long to immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature
  • The young at heart
  • A true nature enthusiast’s hideout
  • Hand crafted
  • Self catering
  • Environmentally friendly tree houses
  • The lush evergreen forest
  • Modern day essentials
  • Uncompromising views
  • Over the tree tops
  • An ideal romantic honeymoon destination
  • A family breakaway
  • A life changing experience


Teniqua Treetops is a unique, tented tree house resort, offering eco accommodation, occupying a position high on the foothills of the ancient Outeniqua mountain range, yet situated along the magical Garden Route, close to the magnificent sea shores of the Western Cape, South Africa.

Teniqua Map

Teniqua Map2

Further information :  Teniqua Tree Tops

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Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot and reconnected with the Earth?

Do you remember the last time you walked barefoot and reconnected with the Earth?

[earthing original]

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

Other Ways to be Earthed:

Swim in the ocean or lakes
Garden with bare hands
Lay on the Earth
Hug a living tree
Lean up against a living tree
Sleep on the earth while camping


Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

·       The Sun’s energy is crucial for good health

·       Direct contact with the surface of the Earth

·       Our bodies receive a charge of energy

·       It makes us feel better

·       This is called Earthing

·       Throughout history

·       Absorbing the Earth’s energy

·       In today’s world

·       We live most of our lives inside

·       Shoes prevent us from connecting

·       We often feel drained and achy

·       You can start receiving the benefits of Earthing

·       Going barefoot outside

·       The more time the better

·       This alone can be life changing

·       You can start Earthing indoors too

·       Safely and conveniently receive Earth’s energy

·       Sleep deeper

·       Feel more refreshed in the morning

·       Wake up looking terrific

·       This life changing discovery

·       It’s a no brainer






Look deep into nature

Look deep into nature


[Green Renaissance]

“I believe with all my heart that we can create cities and towns that are functioning like a forest. How to really thrive on this planet is all around us.” – Sue Swain

Follow more of Sue’s work in the field of biomimicry HERE

 Visit Green Renaissance HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• Sustainability

• The least favorite word in the English language

• It is so limited

• Shame I’m sorry hear that

• You are just hanging in there

• Nature is so much more vibrant than that

• Critically important it’s regenerative

• That’s what we should be striving for, is regenerative living

• They are sharing one particular territory

• There is no waste at all

• We have made chemicals combine

• 3.8 billion years

• The earth can’t recognize it can’t’ assimilate it can’t break it down

• We are acting like aliens

• I believe with all my heart

• The blue print is here

• How to thrive on this planet

• We need to ask nature what we should be doing

• You need to get out into nature

• You need to reconnect

• No patch of nature is too small

• To actually start you journey of discovery

• We are capable of so much more as a species

Until it’s just you…

Until it’s just you…

A beautiful poem by Canadian spoken word artist Shane Koyczan about the wild within British Columbia, Canada

 [Destination British Columbia]

It’s just the ocean.

Until you are pulling your dinner out of it.

Until you see first-hand everything that lives in it.

Until you feel the push and pull of a thing so vast…

It is untameable.

It’s just a tree.

Until you see someone release the art trapped inside it.

Until you need shade from the sun or reprieve from the rain.

Until the night steals the warmth in you blood and a cedar sacrifices his its own flesh to give you fire.

It’s just a mountain.

Until you are standing at the bottom of it.

Face to face with it.

Until you take your first step to the top of it.

Until you reach the summit and stand eye level with the setting sun

It’s just a sky.

Until the stars poke holes in the darkness.

Until the wind pushes its howl through the open air with a wildness so blatant.

It sounds like a song you must dance to.

And it all looks…

So tame.

Until you there surrounded by no one.

Until water, earth, fire and air rewind you to a time you once knew.

Until the world feels massive again.

Until it’s just you…

Get out and walk

Get out and walk

Air New Zealand

Map of the area in New Zealand :

Map of NZ Walks

Further information @ Great walks NZ

Feed your soul

Feed your soul


[Green Renaissance]

Everything today seems to be so manipulated and plastic. We yearn for something that is powerful, true, and genuine. Animals are honest. Around animals, you feel like you grow. It feeds your soul.
Warren loves animals, and over the years has looked after many rescued and abandoned horses. He has a deep connection with these special animals and shares his story of how they have helped change his view of the world around him. What’s on the outside of a horse is good the inside of man.  Visit Green Renaissance HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• What’s on the outside of a horse is good for the inside of man
• Manmade activities
• It just feeds your soul
• Being in contact with these animals
• Quietly grazing
• You feel like you fit into the natural order of things
• I’ve always tried to look up instead of down
• I’ve tried to look past problems and things in my life
• The problems are even smaller
• Every now and again
• These things are equally clever
• The fact that they tolerate us is just absolutely phenomenal
• I sometimes can be an impatient person
• We yearn for something that is powerful and strong and true and genuine
• Everything today seems to be so manipulated and plastic and not honest
• What you get is what you get
• It’s so good for you
• You do feel connected

Visit a place shaped by 4500 years of history

Visit a place shaped by 4500 years of history

[Costa Navarino]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • He had a vision to preserve his homelands in Messinia
  • Create a sustainable prime destination
  • A region shaped by 4 500 years of history
  • History, heritage, traditions and nature
  • At the heart of Costa Navarino
  • Creating unique, memorable experiences
  • Meet the  locals
  • Authentic products
  • You are part of our story
  • Beach front villa
  • A first time visitor
  • A proud resident

A map of the region and further information :

A map of Costa Navarino

Costa Navarino

Travel Guide


Meet Iceland’s wild horses

Meet Iceland’s wild horses

Peter Warner

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Icelanders call these captivating creatures their Viking treasures

  • You won’t see scenes like this anywhere in the world

  • These are wild Icelandic horses

  • Some of them have never been touched by the human hand before

  • It takes patience to win their trust

  • Iceland is a nation that thrives on Myths and Fairy Tales

  • It’s tapping into the countries natural resources to attract travelers with an adventurous spirit

  • They are trustworthy

  • It’s not just the beauty of the beast

  • An extra two riding styles

  • It’s like sitting on a sofa

  • The specialist Icelandic Horse Riding School

  • Local and international students

  • With an average 20% increase in tourists every year

  • They see these creatures as their most compelling ambassadors

  • Why it’s worth venturing off the traditional tourist trails

  • And though they may not strike you as the typical souvenir

  • Only here will you see them unaffected by civilization

Designed by nature

Designed by nature

[Great Big Story]

In the forestry hills of Big Sur, California, Jayson Fann weaves, bends and shapes eucalyptus and willow branches into incredible human-sized nests. Each of these “earthly temples” weighs in at over 100,000 pounds, often requiring heavy-duty equipment to aid in transportation and construction. Now, Fann is using his nests as an educational tool, helping students discover their ability to shape and create their environment, all the while strengthening their connection with nature.

Visit Jayson HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

• A nest is a place where you have a sense of protection and strength
• An Earth Temple
• A Nature Temple
• Not one branch is the same
• To bring out the best of those shapes with each other
• I’m a nest builder
• An intuitive process of just gathering branches
• Building forts
• As big as one hundred thousand pounds of wood
• Gathering all the wood
• A chainsaw to cut wood
• A machete to cut off all the excess leaves
• I asses what kind of shapes I have
• Creating the foundation and the infrastructure
• I can weave in and around
• The trunk of the tree, all the way down to the very smallest twig and branch
• Transporting them across the country
• I use cranes and forklifts and different kinds of equipment
• All over the country
• An educational setting
• An educator
• Out into nature, interacting with nature
• The nest is something that can almost have grown out of the ground



Where do you store your winter food supply ?

Where do you store your winter food supply ?


Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • One of the most interesting birds that I have every photographed is Acorn Woodpecker
  • I found a population of woodpeckers in a Suburban Park, in Southern California
  • Thousands and thousands of holes in it
  • They are among the busiest birds
  • This is where they store their winter food supply
  • It’s a tree that has been used over the generations, multi generations
  • We don’t drill them all at once
  • Each winter they drill a few more
  • And add some more acorns to them
  • That makes Acorn Woodpeckers pretty special in the bird world
  • They’ve got glossy blue-black back
  • They’ve got red and pale yellow and black markings around their heads and faces
  • Their eyes really stand out
  • You can tell the males from the females
  • They’re highly social birds
  • They live in social groups year round, up to a dozen individuals or more
  • Dramatic and very wonderful wing-spread display
  • I really like to go watch them and photograph them