Mamma Mia !

Mamma Mia !

Time Out

As the world goes mad for Abba once more, Time Out went behind the scenes at one of London’s most popular musicals: Mamma Mia! at the Novello Theatre.

We found out what it takes to be a leading lady, and how the crew store some of the most glittery and fabulous costumes. Ricky Butt, who plays dynamo Rosie, guided us around the set and her dressing room.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video

I play Rosie
The audience
They’ll shout from the audience
The most fun costumes
This is another of my costumes
And even so, it is freshly laundered and steamed
Isn’t it magnificent?
The hats are absolutely fantastic
This is a very famous prop
Loose change
The dressing table
The stage
Thanks for watching
You must come and see the show