Route 16

Route 16

[Destination British Columbia]

Riding Mount Robson to Prince Rupert with motorcycle enthusiast Theo Birkner.

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• Boil it down to the essence
• A motorcyclist
• Ride a motorbike
• An avenue to fun and adventure
• I love to get out on adventures
• It slices through VC from east to west
• A cultural engagement
• Absolutely in love with the mountains
• Coastal mountainous terrain
• The communities you ride through
• All types of people
• Nice engaging proud members of their community
• You’re friends for life
• That is priceless

We teach them to strengthen their dreams

We teach them to strengthen their dreams

[Nokia  Mobile]


Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • We have 42 tribes
  • One thing that we have in common is dance
  • Dance classes
  • They realize their strength
  • Their heart is at ease
  • Make a huge difference in their society
  • United for a better future
  • I’m listed as the world’s oldest hockey player
  • Get the community together
  • Senior centers
  • I’m interested in dealing with younger people
  • It kind of opens up the world for you
  • I’m an inspiration for them to keep going
  • A man’s machine
  • You’re supposed to be in the kitchen
  • Create an equal platform
  • Women motorcyclists
  • This is our passion
  • United for women’s power


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