Are you ready for the ECCE (Lower) oral exam ?

Are you ready for the ECCE (Lower) oral exam ?

Functional Language for all sections of  the ECCE (B2) Oral exam :



source :  Burlington Books Greece

Stage 2 – Commenting :

  • I see
  • That’s a common problem
  • I can imagine how he/she feels
  • It’s a difficult decision to make
  • It’s not easy to decide…
  • Both options sound interesting

Summarizing the  problem :

As you said your…. has a problem with…. and there are two solutions/options

On the one hand he could……. as  you said he will…….

On the other hand………  as you mentioned this will……


Giving advice / Making a decision 

  • Both options could work but I would choose…..
  • If I were in that position I…..
  • …….ing sounds interesting / a bit boring
  • ….. seems like a better choice than…. because
  • I think you should….
  • It’s a tricky situation but…
  • If I were ….. I’d…..
  • In this way he/she could….
  • Even though you said….. (the disadvantage) I think it will not be a problem because he could……(make it positive)
  • This will allow him / her to…..
  • I didn’t choose…. because…
  • I don’t think ….. is a good idea because as you said….. (disadvantage) so this would……

Referring to a personal experience

  • I was once in a similar situation and I ….
  • I have a friend who also ……..
  • I remember once I had/was…….


Download for FREE  – a speaking prompt HERE

Download for FREE –  extra speaking prompts HERE

Download for FREE – a sample test with model answers HERE


Sample VIDEO of a complete ECCE speaking test with prompt   HERE


How to succeed in the ECCE Writing, Listening & GVR Sections

How to succeed in the ECCE Writing, Listening & GVR Sections

Hellenic American Union Athens

Tips for the Written Part of the ECCE including important steps for the Writing section, useful points for the Listening, and effective strategies for the Grammar, Vocabulary and Reading Section.

ECCE Speaking – Sample Video and Functional Language

ECCE Speaking – Sample Video and Functional Language

Sample of a complete ECCE speaking test :


Sample Speaking Prompt HERE

Hellenic American Union Speaking test for the ECCE test

Prompt used in following videos can be found HERE

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Additional Speaking Prompts HERE

Useful tips HERE

ECCE YouTube channel with lots of TIPS  and sample videos (Real English Online) HERE

Functional Language for all 4 stages of the test

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I love going to different places

I love going to different places

[1000 Londoners]

 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • When I was small
  • I’ve grown up in London
  • You’ve either got the sawdust in your veins or you haven’t
  • I’ve always loved the circus
  • We are a family circus
  • My sister runs the ticket office
  • I love the travelling, I love going to different places
  • The troop are not from a circus
  • I have to tell them to pick their costumes up
  • Any dramas, I have to sort it ou
  • I’m basically the group chaperone
  • Wheel of death, magic, aerial skills, hula hoops
  • It’s a full house of circus acts
  • No we’re only half full
  • Things change all the time
  • You’re not just moving country, you’re moving a complete community
  • You end up somewhere where you’re related to somebody along the line
Vocabulary chunks in this video are also suitable for those taking  the CaMLA ECPE Speaking Test  @ HAU

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The National Centre for Circus Arts is a registered charity and one of Europe’s leading providers of circus education. Based in a magnificent Victorian power station adjacent to Hoxton Square, we involve thousands of people in the creation and performance of circus arts every year. Over half of the annual income needed to run the National Centre comes from grants and donations.

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