Make something out of nothing

Make something out of nothing

ABC Australia

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • Lots of fish species
  • Plastic debris that is found in the ocean
  • On the food chain
  • Marine creatures
  • Thrown into the ocean
  • I love going to the beach
  • Going for walks down the beach
  • Throwing it into the landfill
  • Pick up a bag of rubbish
  • Throw it out on the floor
  • Check it all out
  • Create something unique and artistic
  • Out of marine debris
  • Making something out of nothing
  • Turning it into something of beauty
  • They forget to pick their thongs up
  • I keep finding them
  • Create awareness
  • Take away with them what they will


You can’t love the ocean without wanting to protect it

You can’t love the ocean without wanting to protect it

Green Renaissance

‘A good well lived life is one where you’re able to pursue your passions and do something you feel strongly about. Rehabilitation is just the most exciting thing. When you see an animal just doing what it does and engaging with you, priorities really do get put in place.’ – Talitha Noble

Talitha works in the Turtle Rehabilitation Unit at Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town, South Africa. She nurses sick or injured turtles back to health, and then releases them into the wild again. Thanks for all that you do for these beautiful creatures Talitha.

Lexical chunks to learn from video :

• A good well lived life
• Pursue your passions
• Do something you feel strongly about
• Doing what it does
• Engaging with you
• Deadlines or what you’ve got to do
• Experience of being able to interact
• A sea turtle
• My happiest place is the sea
• The consequence of what we are doing
• As a species we should be a lot more embarrassed
• You can’t love the ocean without wanting to protect it
• Hands-on interact with these amazing animals
• It’s just a dream come true
• Not earn a single cent
• I get to wear mermaid leggings

Turtle Rehabilitation South Africa

Find out more by visiting the Two Oceans Aquarium HERE



Atlantic Edge Films

Footage taken in FalseBay (South Africa) amongst the Kelp forests. See the variety of Shark species including the Seven Gill Shark and the Stripped Cat Shark.

Atlantic Edge Films specialises in underwater filming, marine logistics and has an extensive stock footage library of 4-8k footage. Based in False Bay, Cape Town, South Africa they have a wealth of marine wildlife right on their doorstep – including numerous species of whales, dolphins, seals, marine birds, fish and of course sharks – lots of sharks!
They are experts at filming Great White Shark behaviour, both above and below the water, whether with or without a cage.
Their work is often featured on the BBC, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, and National Geographic Channel.  READ MORE 

Do you believe in mermaids?

Do you believe in mermaids?

 [wise channel]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • One of the world’s most popular myths
  • Learn to swim like mermaids
  • Sea Ambassadors
  • I felt like a goddess
  • It becomes an extension of yourself
  • The mermaid school is the brainchild of swimming instructor and professional diver Normeth Preglo
  • What the hell is that?
  • Our first mermaid camp
  • She teaches people extra skills in the water
  • Diving helps them overcome their fears
  • They help protect the ecosystem
  • By replanting broken coral in a coral nursery
  • Marine Biologists from the local government
  • Take good care of corals
  • Fully recover
  • Everyone who completes the training here, gets a certificate at the end of the course