Virtual Walking Tour – Covent Garden , London

Virtual Walking Tour – Covent Garden , London

Virtual Walking Tours – Living walks

Experience London City ambience before and during lockdown (with more lockdown footage at the end). We start with a walk around Covent Garden, London in the rain. Soak up the city ambience and warm lights as we walk famous Covent Garden on a rainy evening. We finish with London’s silent streets during the corona virus lockdown. Our virtual walking video of Covent Garden begins in the heart of the Piazza. As both evening and rain begin to descend, we explore both North and South Halls and the bustling lower level. Exiting Covent Garden we head towards the Covent Garden Tube Station before turning down Floral Street. We cut through Floral Court to end up on King Street. Main footage was filmed in January 2020, with lockdown footage filmed in May 2020.

It really gives me the drive to carry on

It really gives me the drive to carry on

Sonia loves mathematics and solving puzzles. As a young child she used to wake up in the middle of the just to try to solve at least one puzzle. She is proud of her heritage, having lived in Moscow, Russia until she was 7 and moving to London thereafter. She believes it would be beneficial for future generations if more people were involved in mathematical activities such as chess, puzzles or problem solving tasks.

This film was made by young people attending supplementary schools across London. These community-run organisations teach children about their cultural heritage and can be grouped by language, ethnicity or faith.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

I was born in Moscow

I lived in Moscow for 7 years

The other half of my life I’ve lived in London

There are loads of cultures

People from different backgrounds

I was always very passionate about Maths and problem solving

There’s no other way to describe it

A world grand master

He is really my inspiration

It really gives me the drive to carry on

To progress in my mathematical career

A lot of the time I have a mathematical way of explaining it

My friends make fun of it

On the way to school

My friends and family are really supportive

Do Rubik’s  cubes

Under 2 minutes

That’s what jump started my Rubik’s  cube obsession

I don’t think that a lot of kids nowadays like maths

I’ve known that from personal experience

Any sort of problem solving

That would be great for the future generations








Who knocked you up this morning ?

Who knocked you up this morning ?

[great big story]

Imagine life without alarm clocks. Workdays would start at noon, breakfast would be brunch, and no one would make it to class before the first bell. From the early 1800s through the 1960s, factory workers didn’t have much of a choice. To get to work on time, they relied on “knocker-uppers,” aka, human alarm clocks. Using long bamboo sticks, or peashooters, Britain’s knocker-uppers would stroll down the streets rapping at windows to help their patrons kick-start their days.

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• They were called knocker-ups
• We’re travelling back in time
• The early 1800s
• A paid job
• A bamboo pole
• Be up early for their shift
• Industrial cities
• A hook or knob on the end
• Wakey wakey
• Pea shooters
• Why not just shout
• The evidence suggests
• Mystery solved

A tongue-twister :

We had a knocker-up, and our knocker-up had a knocker-up

And our knocker-up’s knocker-up didn’t knock our knocker up

So our knocker-up didn’t knock us up

‘Cos he’s not up.

How do you drink your afternoon tea?

How do you drink your afternoon tea?

William Hanson

Leading UK etiquette coach and broadcaster William Hanson demonstrates the correct way to enjoy afternoon tea.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• A traditional English afternoon tea
• The napkin
• Place it on your lap
• Loose leaf tea
• A tea strainer
• When it comes to stirring
• Back and forth
• Round and round
• Creating an awful racket
• Break the scones with our hands in two
• Put the jam on first and the cream on last
• Do as you please
• Never sandwich the two together
• A pastry fork
• Upturned in the right hand
• Dab your mouth not wipe
• How to have afternoon tea the correct way

Would you let them have a sniff around your biscuits?

Would you let them have a sniff around your biscuits?

[time out London]

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• A cat café
• A business plan
• A lot to get through
• Crowd funding
• Reapply for an entrepreneur visa
• To find a suitable property
• A landlord who would permit us to operate a cat café
• All sorts of things
• It’s all coming together
• Stroke a cat
• The pleasure of their company
• Additional responsibility
• Everything that comes with it
• They will try to steal your biscuits
• Cat rooms and food preparation rooms
• Never left exposed
• To exercise diligence
• Have a sniff around your biscuit
• Stay away from the biscuits

Would you take them for a walk?

Would you take them for a walk?

[1000 Londoners]

 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • They are quite friendly
  • I rock up (arrive somewhere) to work one morning on my bike
  • My husband had a fit (be very shocked)
  • As a wedding anniversary present
  • A wedding dress fitting
  • They are in a state with their mother
  • It just lowers the temperature a bit
  • It’s a bit of an unorthodox thing to own in West London
  • A pig farm
  • They know that I’m the boss
  • Cracky don’t be such a pig
  • I have a walking license
  • Come on lads
  • Stop being stroppy
  • When you take on livestock, your home becomes a farm
  • A pig looks you straight in the eye
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120 Cereals from around the world

120 Cereals from around the world

[Time Out London]

Would you like to order from their MENU

 Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching video :

  • Cereal used to be a lot of fun
  • You used to get the toys in the cereal
  • Fun factor
  • We just want to bring it back
  • We are the owners and founders of Cereal Killer Café
  • Specialty Cereal Café
  • 120 different cereals from around the world
  • Good or bad
  • For the last two days
  • Some are quite rare and some are quite hard to get
  • We have dealers across the world
  • Only available one month of the year
  • They are Halloween specials
  • They are very limited
  • Hard work
  • We have managed to get “ a shit ton” of  memorabilia
  • Some stuff that you haven’t seen before
  • Weird memorabilia
  • The biggest cereal experience of their life
  • Leave on a sugar high
  • I absolutely loved it or I absolutely despised it
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