Weekly photo challenge || Monochromatic

Weekly photo challenge || Monochromatic




adj :  having or appearing to have only one color

If everything in your room is pink, your room is monochromatic — all of one color.

In physics, monochromatic describes light that has the same wavelength so it is one color. Broken into Greek roots, the word shows its meaning: monos means one, and khroma means color. Things that are truly monochromatic are rare — examine the green leaves of trees and you’ll see lots of different shades.

 [ source :  vocabulary.com  ]

 In response to The Daily Post’s  weekly photo challenge : Monochromatic

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Explore Italy

Explore Italy

Watch the following video :


Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • To discover a destination where I truly felt at home
  • My kind of place
  • You catch yourself smiling
  • No corners to cut, just bends to explore
  • Feed my curiosity
  • My cup is constantly topped up with knowledge
  • I want to uncover a place for pleasure seekers
  • Where wine pulses through peoples’ veins
  • Where Mother Nature rewards with damp scented truffles
  • Clusters of Medieval villages perched in the distance
  • The hills are always green
  • Like long-lost friends
  • Hungry for life
  • Join me in Lange
  • A place where time passes slowly
  • Every moment is savored