Birdwatching – How to attract birds to your garden

Birdwatching – How to attract birds to your garden


[The Guardian]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

We’re all lined up with our binoculars looking

We’ll get the guide books out

There’s just a real buzz

There’s a fantastic diversity of wild life around us

This is the world that we live in

We should be interacting with it and connecting with it a little bit more

Our species count at the moment is 63

Your classic garden birds

With a big, resplendent (shining brightly) orange chest, lovely

They are brightly colored.. not brown.. really easy to spot

Bird watching is a very accessible pastime

It’s entertaining, it’s educational, it’s fun and its free

If you want to encourage birds into your garden all you need to do is put out your bird feeders

It’s a very easy meal… It’s like a take away

Sunflowers seeds  and peanuts will bring in a lot of species

Get a mixture of seed, you can put all sorts of things

Squidge it into a yogurt pot

Let it set for half an hour and then hang it out

Energy rich food for the birds

They want to come in, grab some food and then retreat

Many bird species feed on insects

Getting people connected with nature

If you get people bird watching they will be hooked for life

Do something creative every day

Do something creative every day

  [House to home]

Why Art is Good for Kids & the World

  • Art Generates a Love of Learning & Creativity
  • Art Develops the Whole Brain
  • Art Prepares Kids for the Future
  • Art Teaches Problem Solving
  • Art Supports Emotional Intelligence
  • Art Builds Community
  • Art Improves Holistic Health
  • Art Awakens the Senses
  • Art is Eternal
Source : Mark Lewis Wagner @ Drawing on Earth
Average or Beautiful || How do you perceive yourself?

Average or Beautiful || How do you perceive yourself?

Watch the following video :

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • It was my choice
  • We had an option of two pathways to walk, and they led to two doorways
  • Be self-conscious of how you perceive yourself
  • If it lines up with how the rest of the world perceives you
  • I didn’t even hesitate
  • It was different from what I live
  • What’s constantly bombarded at me, What I’m being told that I should  accept
  • I had rated myself average, and nobody else
  • My mum just pulled me over to the beautiful door
  • It was quite a triumphant feeling; it was like telling the world I think I’m beautiful
  • I just wished more young women realized it
  • Next time I look in the mirror I will see somebody beautiful looking back at me
  • Beautiful is a great word, so why not see what’s on the other side of that
Photos from a Storm Chaser

Photos from a Storm Chaser

Watch the following video :

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Everything is interconnected. 
  • We are a small fishing tribe 
  • That’s part of you up there. That’s your water that helps to make the cloud that becomes the rain that feeds the plants that feeds the animals
  • In my continued exploration of subjects in nature that have the ability to illustrate the interconnection of all life
  • I started storm chasing in 2008
  • They can grow so big, blocking all daylight
  • And then there are the colors in the clouds of hail forming, the greens and the turquoise blues. 
  • What really excites me about these storms is their movement
  • They become lovely monsters.
  • The same process in a small-scale version that helped to create our galaxy, our solar system, our sun and even this very planet

Is Discipline a part of Freedom ?

Is Discipline a part of Freedom ?

Watch the following video :

source :

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • She’s an amazing performer
  • It’s women, it’s feminine, and hair is the crown of our body
  • What was your inspiration for  the choreography
  • The hair follows the intention of the movement
  • The hair makes a circular pattern which you’ll see in slow motion
  • Discipline vs freedom
  • The more discipline you have, you have freedom
  • Because you know what your limits are
  • Discipline is a part of freedom
  • Basically my work is about time, space, shape and motion
source : Kerastase Paris
A Wave Photographer shooting shorebreaks !

A Wave Photographer shooting shorebreaks !

Watch the following video :

Wave Photographer

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • A part of my life
  • A picture of a shore break wave
  • Take a picture
  • I started shooting with this small camera
  • I shared the images with my family
  • A professional photographer
  • Long story short
  • It was the best thing I ever did
  • The wave is huge, everything is big
  • Boom it explodes and you try to sneak out the back
  • It’s just radical I love it
  • Capturing the art of shore break waves
  • You gotta be in shape
  • You gotta be able to hold your breath
  • I don’t mind getting pounded
Stylish Hairstyle – Twist Around Side Braid

Stylish Hairstyle – Twist Around Side Braid

Watch the following video :

Twis around braid

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

It feels like spring time

If you’re on the go

I don’t spend a lot of time doing my hair

Some hair elastic bands

Pulling my hair on one side

Put it in a pony tail

Divide this into two, take the ends and then pull them through this opening

Work my way down

Repeat the first steps

Split the hair in two

Grab the end and then pull it through the opening

Pull it through the other side

You can even do this in class while you’re listening to your teacher

It’s super fast and easy

Perfect for everyday

Birdwatching – Sights and Sounds

Birdwatching – Sights and Sounds

What is Birdwatching ?

Birdwatching or birding, in its most basic sense, is the recreational hobby of observing species of wild birds, including their physical characteristics and behavior. In reality, birding is much more than a simple hobby and there are many benefits of birding that can be enjoyed by both novice and experienced birders.

Watch the following video :

Bird Watching

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

The  RSPB reserve at Tichwell Marsh, is one of the premier nature reserves in Britain

This DVD looks at its wild life throughout the year

Beginning on the 1st of January, moving through winter, into spring, then summer, followed by the autumn migration

Here’s just a  brief sample of the sights and sounds of Tichwell

Are you a Storm Chaser ?

Are you a Storm Chaser ?

Watch the following video :

A Storm Chase

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

With gusts up to 80 miles an hour

It’s firing

A Storm Chase

Fighting it out

It’s like a hundred year storm

It’s wild, really wild out there

It’s so windy it’s hard to hold on to the sail

The waves are really big

Sharing all those missions with all those great riders and good friends

It’s amazing

Once in a lifetime