Have you ever been on an Aqua Safari?

Have you ever been on an Aqua Safari?

Watch to following video :

telegraph.co.uk / smithsonian channel
telegraph.co.uk / smithsonian channel

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video:

  • Will set sail for a major highlight of this cruise
  • A play ground for the rich and famous
  • The island of Bora Bora
  • The stuff dreams are made of
  • An extinct volcano
  • One of the most beautiful in the world
  • An aqua safari
  • 10 minutes off Bora Bora
  • Even Non-divers can swim with the fish
  • A large heavy helmet attached to long air hose
  • The helmet is water tight
  • Breath naturally
  • Hundreds of different species of fish and coral are found in the waters around Bora Bora

Bora Bora is a tropical island in French Polynesia, located in the middle of the Pacific ocean halfway between Australia and the USA.

Map of the region :

From Trash to Art

From Trash to Art

Watch the following video :


Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • The plastic parts come from a car interior and the rest from bits he found on the street
  • This work is part of his “Trash Animals series”
  • The street is his studio
  • The outside walls are his canvas
  • He first made a name for himself in 2014 with this giant owl made of scrap
  • The sculptor has attracted a lot of attention on the internet with most people praising his creations originality
  • He wants to alert people to the consequences of climate change
  • He grew up in Lisbon and started creating street art when he was 11
  • “What I see every day is what motivates me”
  • In Portugal Street Art has developed into a culture in its own right
  • The authorities support Street Art Projects
  • They can experience art without having to go to the museum
  • His artworks also feature in exhibitions
  • A big solo show in a Lisbon gallery
  • You can sell it to an art collector
  • They are made to last forever
  • We transform it into something different
More information about the artist  : Bordalo II
Have you got a toothbrush? || DIY project

Have you got a toothbrush? || DIY project

Watch the following video :


Vocabulary to learn after watching video :

  • This tutorial is how to make these chunky acrylic bracelets
  • They bright and colorful and they are made of toothbrushes
  • I used to make these all the time when I was 10
  • They’re really colorful and super 80’s
  • Really really easy to make
  • Some toothbrushes, some pliers, a pot of water
  • For safety you will also need a small towel or other mitts as well as heat-resistant tongs
  • Children should not do this project without the help of an adult
  • Rip out all the bristles
  • Check them every so often to see if they’re  pliable
  • I’m going to fish that  out, grab it with the dishcloth
  • I’m going to dip that back in for a few seconds
  • Bend the toothbrush head
  • I’m going to twist it a little bit first
  • Start shaping it into your bracelet
Do you like taking selfies with your iPhone?

Do you like taking selfies with your iPhone?

4 Life Changing Tips for  iPhone or Tablet Users


Watch the following video :

Taking a Selfie

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

It has recently come to our attention

Phone and Tablet Users

Using their gadgets completely wrong

Popsugar Tech Editor is here to share four life changing tips

This will blow your mind

Nifty iPad

Give us the solution

Taking a selfie with selfie arm

So selfie arm is bad?

I will turn you into a selfie pro

Plug in these head phones

Press the volume up button, it will take the picture for you

This is like a remote control

Mobile devices

Leave your WiFi and Bluetooth off

It accelerates battery drain

Turn your iPhone into airplane mode it will charge way faster

This is why my battery is always in the red

Third mistake, recording video with your phone upright

It kills me when I see people doing this

To record video on your phone, you have to turn your phone side ways

Trying to type on your iPad laying down

It’s life threatening

Here’s a trick, take your two fingers and then just split the keyboard in half

You’ll have a special keyboard, type just with your thumbs

For old time’s sake

Snap your joy

Snap your joy

Watch the following video :

Snap your joy

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video:





I saw joy, I saw happiness

I saw people celebrating life

Transmitting a lot of positive energy

It kind of lifts you up

Joyful inside

They keep us going from day-to-day