Fold, roll or bundle

Fold, roll or bundle

[Heathrow Airport]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Expert advice
  • Cabin crew
  • Fly 24/7
  • You know a thing or two
  • How best to get it all in
  • To make the job easier
  • Eliminate about a third
  • The truth is like your wardrobe you never use as much as you take
  • Stuff underwear or socks inside
  • Fill awkward gaps with very soft items
  • Bulkier items
  • Minimize creasing and maximize space
  • One by one fold the garments back in
  • Throw a bag from the dry cleaner on top of your packing
  • Next up non clothing items, such as toiletries, books and cameras
  • Double back your toiletries
  • Stain free clothes and gunk free cameras
  • Rather than stuffing the inside pockets of your case with all the bits your forgot to pack
Touching Masterpieces

Touching Masterpieces


VR exhibit at The National Gallery of Prague allows the blind to ‘see’ art thanks to special gloves.

“For centuries, art has been a universal medium of expression that has, and continues to, connect language, time and culture. Art however, in its various forms, materials and interpretations, is still not accessible to everyone. Out of 7.595.145.000 people living, over 36.000.000 are blind from birth and 217.000.000 have moderate to severe vision impairment. And in today’s information age, the only way the blind can experience art, is through the senses of tactility and sound.
Whilst the internet does provide descriptive audio, only some iconic masterpieces are presented in such a manner, and in just a few museums, globally. Thus, millions of people have literally not seen, and will never see, sculptural masterpieces such as the head of Nefertiti, the beauty of the Venus de Milo or Michelangelo’s David, to name just a few – until now.
NeuroDigital invites Prague’s visually impaired people to a new age of digital accessibility, to see what has previously been unseen”  READ MORE

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• It was like a different world
• It was something I didn’t expect
• Art is not always explainable
• To feel it
• Visually impaired
• I was kind of puzzled
• Hear about it from a guide
• It’s not a full experience
• It was missing before
• You can see it, touch it

I’m joshing you

I’m joshing you

Why do we say I’m just joshing youWas there a Josh who inspired this verb?   

Click HERE  to find out.

Miriam Webster definition of Josh HERE

Source :   A way with words (A public radio program about language examined through history, culture, and family)