Where the sea breathes in slow motion

Where the sea breathes in slow motion


[Outside television]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • A new way of seeing things
  • Travelling to the unknown
  • It ignites our sense of discovery
  • Adventure spirit
  • The beauty of twilight
  • All day and into the night
  • Our eyes are wide open
  • Colors only imagined
  • A stunning attack on the senses
  • Where the sea breathes in slow motion
  • As we celebrate its magical rich history
  • The freedom to explore
  • Rethink routine
  • In the Land of Fire and Ice
  • We remain true to our adventure spirit
  • The landscape become our playground



Meet Iceland’s wild horses

Meet Iceland’s wild horses

Peter Warner

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Icelanders call these captivating creatures their Viking treasures

  • You won’t see scenes like this anywhere in the world

  • These are wild Icelandic horses

  • Some of them have never been touched by the human hand before

  • It takes patience to win their trust

  • Iceland is a nation that thrives on Myths and Fairy Tales

  • It’s tapping into the countries natural resources to attract travelers with an adventurous spirit

  • They are trustworthy

  • It’s not just the beauty of the beast

  • An extra two riding styles

  • It’s like sitting on a sofa

  • The specialist Icelandic Horse Riding School

  • Local and international students

  • With an average 20% increase in tourists every year

  • They see these creatures as their most compelling ambassadors

  • Why it’s worth venturing off the traditional tourist trails

  • And though they may not strike you as the typical souvenir

  • Only here will you see them unaffected by civilization

This is much more fun

This is much more fun

 [Great Big Story]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video  :

  • An Icelandic baker
  • An unconventional oven
  • By burying it underground
  • It is heated for 24 hours by nearby hot springs
  • On the surface
  • We could put it in the oven
  • This is much more fun
  • A volcanic region
  • 30 Active volcanoes
  • Boiling hot water
  • He uses them to his advantage
  • It dates back a hundred of years
  • We use a thermometer to check the heat
  • Our biggest challenge is rain