What is Hygge

What is Hygge

Vocabulary chunks to learn from video :

  • being comforted and cozy
  • decorationg style
  • sweet treats
  • warm soothing drinks
  • part of the lifestyle
  • how to make
  • whole milk
  • froth until fine foam appears
  • spoon in extra foam
  • drizzle with honey
  • limiting use of electronics
  • keeping plenty of books handy
  • out of sight and out of mind
  • extension cord / charging cords
  • layer flufy rugs
  • hang string light for soft warming lighting
  • a double boiler
  • a small baking tin
  • chunks of cinnamon
  • tie a knot
  • a large loop
  • until you reach the desired length


Have you heard of Hygge?

Have you heard of Hygge?


The Danes are ranked as the world’s happiest people. Hygge may have something to do with it. Difficult to sum up in one word, “hygge” is a Danish ritual of enjoying life’s pleasures.

Vocabulary chunks from the video :

• The Danes are the happiest people on Earth
• At the top of the list
• Togetherness
• The art of creating a good atmosphere
• Hygge as part of our DNA
• Simple pleasures of life
• A cup of warm chocolate or tea
• At home with a candle
• Reading a book
• Spending quality time with friends and family
• Winter is the peak season for hygge
• More living space per person
• Lighting is important too
• Design concepts
• A state of mind
• A simple walk outside
• The focus is on being together

How to Hygge