Make room for your life

Make room for your life

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video
  • I’ve been collecting trainers and loads of clothes
  • Every working minute going to boot sales and charity shops
  • Street style snaps
  • Blogging my outfit
  • An online look book
  • When I was out and about
  • Good second-hand trainers online
  • Surprisingly it’s going very well
  • It seems never-ending
  • An ongoing battle
  • One area where all of my stuff is
  • Storage that can fit the stuff I have in this room
  • That is so sick
  • It’s like a little showroom
  • Color coordination
  • That’s so cool
All set for a good night’s sleep

All set for a good night’s sleep

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Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Make a perfect bed
  • Mattress protector
  • Minimal cost
  • Apply fitted sheet evenly on all corners
  • Apply undersheet with the decorative edge facing down
  • Use your arm to make a crease
  • Tuck the edges under the mattress
  • Fold the hem of the undersheet over the edge of the duvet
  • Fluff the pillows
Do something creative every day

Do something creative every day

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Why Art is Good for Kids & the World

  • Art Generates a Love of Learning & Creativity
  • Art Develops the Whole Brain
  • Art Prepares Kids for the Future
  • Art Teaches Problem Solving
  • Art Supports Emotional Intelligence
  • Art Builds Community
  • Art Improves Holistic Health
  • Art Awakens the Senses
  • Art is Eternal
Source : Mark Lewis Wagner @ Drawing on Earth
A Tree-Mendous Christmas

A Tree-Mendous Christmas

Trees are the most recognizable sign of Christmas, but what do you know about them? Each acre of land dedicated to growing Christmas trees will provide the daily oxygen required by 18 people.

source :
source :

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