Make room for life

Make room for life



Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

Paper shuffling

• Coffee to go

• Road rage

• Catching your breath

• The beginning of life

• I am home

• Make room for a new beginning

• Those you let you down

• For wins and losses

• Their never-ending stories

• The first time and the last time, the ones in between

• Make room for one more

• Make sure

• Make room for love

• For the things you cherish

• Whatever the costs

• Make sure you make room for life

Make room for your life #2

Make room for your life #2

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video
  • I started DJ-ing at the age of 11
  • I just used to head straight from school to the record shop
  • My house slowly filled up, they spilled over to the kitchen, down the hallway
  • Every room you can mention in the house has records
  • I do get annoyed with it
  • It drives me crazy
  • There’s just stuff everywhere
  • I’ve been doing it mish mash, wrong way round for years
  • Don’t touch my stuff
  • They’ve been a massive support to me in pursuing my passion
  • Get all the mess out-of-the-way and create space for them to live again
  • Come on seriously man
  • What can I say man I want to go and hug everyone in IKEA
  • I think he is super-duper happy now
  • This is the music room
  • I can focus my time and effort on my family
Inspire me #8

Inspire me #8


Did you know ?

Napkin’ derives from the word ‘nape’, the Old French word for a tablecloth or towel, that originally comes from the Latin word for map, ‘mappa’, and ‘kin’ is the word for ‘little’ in Middle English.

Early napkins are believed to have originated as slices of a type of bread, used by those from ancient Greece; ancient Chinese used paper; while ancient Romans are said to have used cloth, that eventually became popular by the 1500s