Dancing with myself

Dancing with myself


Dancing with myself (Billy Idol)

On the floor of Tokyo

Or down in London town to go, go

With the record selection

And the mirror’s reflection

I’m dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

Oh dancing with myself

Well there’s nothing to lose

And there’s nothing to prove

I’ll be dancing with myself


Greece – A Sailing Holiday

Greece – A Sailing Holiday

Watch the following video :

Sailing Holidays

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • We’ve done this 16 times now
  • Sailing holidays
  • Enjoyable, affordable and relaxing ways to enjoy your holiday
  • Have been operating for over 35 years
  • Delivering bespoke (custom-made) holidays
  • For all levels of sailing enthusiasts
  • A fantastic way to experience the Greek Islands from the water
  • Yachts are set up for comfort and ease of handling rather than performance
  • The region in which you will be sailing
  • There is no tide; the weather is perfect and safe for all the family
  • Lead crews
  • Shore based teams
  • Provide comprehensive background
  • There is something for everyone
  • Hundreds of thousands of people
  • First sail boat experience
  • Do whatever you want to do during the day
  • Meet up with people at bays in the evenings
  • Our philosophy is to infuse people about sailing
  • By cruising each day between picturesque Greek island villages in the sun
  • Enjoying an evening’s entertainment in a port