It’s incredibly vibrant

It’s incredibly vibrant

[Visit London]


Explore London’s Autumn Season where heritage and tradition go hand in hand with cutting-edge design, world-class festivals and top performers. Discover hidden gems, great masters and new theatre shows.      Read more HERE

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• London is such a unique place to visit

• It’s just incredibly vibrant

• So many cultures and people come together

• On the day you arrive

• You could never possible get bored

• It is filled with the color and ritual

• There is so much going on

• They are absolutely brilliant

• It’s in its 25th year

• You cannot imagine how powerful this is unless you have attended it

• The past and the present living together in the same space

• All the cultural institutions opening their doors

• The fusion of food, art, music and everything in between

• Whether its dance, whether its drama

• It’s a city that always smiles and always has something to give


Quite Interesting – Lighthouses

Quite Interesting – Lighthouses

[Great Lighthouses of Ireland]

1.  The First Lighthouses

Before the development of clearly defined ports, mariners were guided by fires built on hilltops. Since raising the fire would improve the visibility, placing the fire on a platform became a practice that led to the development of the lighthouse. Originally, lighthouses functioned more as an entrance marker to ports than as a warning signal for hidden dangers.

The most famous lighthouse structure from antiquity was the Pharos of Alexandria built in the third century BC, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. It stood more than 350 feet tall until an earthquake destroyed it in the 1300s.

2.  The Statue of Liberty functioned as a lighthouse for 16 years until 1902. It could be seen from 24 miles away.

3.  Lighthouse Lunacy

The Fresnel lamps in lighthouses floated on baths of mercury (weighing about 1½ tons), which kept the lamp perfectly level and allowed it to turn without friction.

Mercury vapour is associated with such effects as short-term memory loss, confusion, and the manic behaviour we associate with ‘mad hatters’, so it may be that the psychological difficulties sometimes reported amongst lighthouse keepers were caused (or at least exacerbated) by mercury poisoning.” []

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Discover Cycladic Art in Greece

Discover Cycladic Art in Greece

Watch the following video :

   source : Museum of Cycladic Art

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • In the heart of Athens
  • The largest collection of Cycladic Art Figurines
  • Inspiration
  • Ancient Greek Art  – A history in images
  • Social and political moments in Ancient Greece
  • Unique treasures from Cyprus – The island of Aphrodite
  • Temporary exhibitions
  • Cycladic Art Shop
  • Iconic Cycladic replicas and art inspirations