What it feels like to be alive

What it feels like to be alive

Watch the following video :

destination british columbia

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • The purest water and air
  • A natural richness
  • The true currency of life
  • The kingdom of abundance
  • A land of giants
  • It forces you to re-think life’s measures
  • What is big, what is power, what is important
  • Supreme nature, super natural
  • Altitude swings that take you from sea to sky
  • From rainforest to desert to snow-capped peaks
  • This is the place where wildlife thrives
  • Mother Nature
  • Masterpieces forever in the making
  • Standing on the edge of the world
  • The deafening quiet of a mystical morning
  • It reminds of what it feels like to be alive
  • To find the wild within

Map of British Columbia :

I go back to remember

I go back to remember

Green Renaissance

“The simple act of walking is meditative. It allows us to clear out the baggage”. – Ivan Groenhof

Ivan spent three months walking in the wilderness, and came back with a new perspective on life.

He the initiator and co-founder of the Rim of Africa trail, the first Mega-Trail in Africa that is located just outside of Cape Town, South Africa. His knowledge of the environment, commitment to conservation, and passion for encouraging a cultural and personal reconnection to nature makes him an inspiring leader.

Vocabulary chunks to learn from the video :

• I go back to remember
• I don’t think words can do justice
• Walk me, I’m here, I’m waiting for you
• The simple act of walking
• In some form of state
• It allows us to clear out the baggage
• The more attuned we become
• Reconnection happens
• Dirt and grubby
• Healthy and fit
• A shift in my outlook
• This is what it means to be human
• This is what it means to be alive
• The world is a bigger place
• We are born to walk
• Get off your chair and then remember

Weekly photo challenge – Atop

Weekly photo challenge – Atop


“To see what others cannot… You must climb the mountain”   – Ron Akers


photography by vocabularyinchunks


In response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge Atop
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Share The Sun

Share The Sun


[Goal Zero]

Vocabulary chunks to learn after watching the video :

  • Climb another first descent
  • Raising goats and sheep
  • Living in their yurts
  • Their kindness and hospitality is at a level that I’ve never seen before
  • A huge thank you
  • Solar generators, solar panels
  • Flash lights
  • It’s really exciting to be able to give these gifts to these families
  • And they were so appreciative, so happy
  • You can just feel the joy
  • We get to share the sun
  • Charge from the sun anytime
  • Loving life

During the summer of 2013, Mike Libecki, Ethan Pringle, Liv Sansoz, and photographer Keith Ladzinski headed for the Tian Shan Mountains. The remote range sits on the border of Kyrgyzstan and China and is home to several nomadic families. The Kyrgyz live and work in the high alpine herding animals during the summer months, then moving their herds back down to lower elevations for the winter.

The group was lured to the region by the massive untouched walls, and while there they were fortunate enough to experience the hospitality and culture of the Kyrgyz people. Mike had visited the area 13 years prior, so the region and its people held a special place in his heart. He brought with him gifts of power, solar panels and lights, thanking each villager for their kindness and generosity by Sharing the Sun.  Read more about  their efforts @ Share The Sun

Map of region :



Missing Africa

Missing Africa

[Mercedes Benz SA]

If you’re looking for the complete coastal forest experience, Tsitsikamma, in the Eastern Cape has to be on the top of your list. Walk through the ancient forest, chill on the beaches, kayak up rivers and hike some of the most famous trails South Africa has to offer.

Did you know?

Tsitsikamma has the longest slide in South Africa, it is 211m and 50m above ground zero.

The Tsitsikamma National Park forms part of the greater Garden Route National Park. The area is covered by large areas of forest as well as commercial plantations and fynbos. There are also many rivers in the area that have carved deep gorges into the mountains as they wind their way from the plateau to the sea. With a pleasant climate all year round, this is the perfect place to get your adventure on.

Why not leap off the world’s highest commercial bungee jump at Bloukrans Bridge? Or take a idyllic kayak up the Storms River? How about a bird’s-eye view of the forest with a canopy tour? Or an breathtaking hike along the Otter Trail or Dolphin Trail? Why not do it all?

If you love nature, the coast and all that goes with it, then you’ll love Tsitsikamma. With an abundance of bird and marine life (not to mention the cheeky Cape Otter), you can really get in touch with nature.

The Tsitsikamma region of the Western Cape stretches from the Bloukrans River in the west to Eerste Rivier in the east, and from the Tsitsikamma Mountains in the north to the Indian Ocean in the south.

It’s also the largest marine reserve in South Africa and is home to an ancient indigenous rain forest with 116 types of massive trees, including the giant Outeniqua yellowwood tree. There is a great walk that leads to a very special yellowwood called “The Big Tree”. This wooden giant is estimated to be over 800-years old, stands 36.6m high and has a circumference of almost nine metres, it’s not called “The Big Tree” for nothing.

With activities, shops, accommodation and tour operators all readily available, there’s no excuse not to have a go at one of the many, exhilarating and breathtaking adventures on offer. Read more HERE

Map of the area :


One of the best hikes in the world ! Read more HERE (besthike.com)

Heaven in you

I left you

Then I kissed you on my return

And I watched you

From every corner and every curve

And I wonder

Was it all a blessing or all a curse

But you’ve proven to me

Look at how far we’ve come

Man look at how far we’ve come

Oh oh oh oh I know its true

Oh oh oh oh I know its true yeah

Cause I found a heaven in you

Yeah I found a heaven in you

Oh oh oh oh I know its true

Oh oh oh oh I know its true

I found a heaven in you

I found a heaven in you

Not a doubt in my head

Not one little shadow no

Or love just instead

I think that I found the one I mean,

How could I not

When every picture we’re in makes my heart stop

Yeeaah oohh

Man you take me so higher

Yes you get me so inspired

Oohh you take me so higher

Yeah you get me so inspired

Oh oh oh oh I know its true

Oh oh oh oh I know its true yeah

Cause I found a heaven in you

Yeah I found a heaven in you


Scotland – Created for walking

Scotland – Created for walking


Visit Scotland

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Enjoy family days out
  • See dramatic landscapes
  • Scale new heights
  • Join a guided group
  • Meet the locals
  • Stroll around the city
  • Take a coastal path
  • There’s a walk for every season
  • Scotland – Created for walking

Map of Scotland :