Sense the authentic

Sense the authentic

Through the central message “Sense the Authentic”, we are building a campaign that invites visitors to discover everything that composes the unique tourism experience of Crete. It encourages visitors to feel, to experience with all their senses the hospitality, as offered by the locals and the tourism professionals, expressed through the passion and love for their work, but also through their deeply rooted moral obligation to offer the “best” and, most importantly, the “authentic”. With more than 1,000 kilometers of coastline, rich history, aromas and flavors that fascinate, Crete, the birthplace of Europe’s oldest civilization, welcomes its visitors with optimism and continues to offer, especially in this unprecedented time, authentic relations with the visitors, based on mutual responsibility.

Enjoy one more new video produced by Indigo View directed by the awarded Cretan director Theodore Papadoulakis

A nation of rivers

A nation of rivers

Ontario Travel

“To travel by canoe is to ponder where we came from, where we are, where we’re going, who we were, who we are and who we can be. Suspended between the world above and the world below. Stillness in harmonic motion. These are the paddles’ promises. To paddle is to plug into the energies of the place, the land, the air, the water, the ancestors, the children who are yet to be born The paddle connects us to all of that. To pull is to connect to the river itself but also to the land that nourishes. To be there, to be connected, as a mix of Canadians new and old. If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations, then one enduring expression of that simple truth, is surely the canoe.” – James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and Director Emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum.

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What is culture?

What is culture?

[Hamilton Love Your City]

Vocabulary to learn after watching the video :

  • Festivals and events
  • A thriving art scene
  • Stories and customs
  • A sense of history
  • Creative talent
  • Public art
  • Outdoor places
  • A positive energy known as cultural vibrancy
  • It helps to build community
  • A unique identity
  • They get involved and they talk about it
  • As the word spreads
  • It can promote identity, creativity, tourism, jobs and growth
  • Revitalizing neighborhoods
  • Transforming cities
  • Making communities attractive, open, welcoming and vibrant

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